Productivity is closely linked to performance in today’s modern businesses. As a result, the company is losing money due to the inefficiency of its staff.

If you devote excessive time and effort to unimportant activities, it may be time to examine strategies to streamline and simplify your processes. That’s why it’s important to have software for managing an agency.

Agencies, like any other type of business, benefit greatly from the automation and simplification afforded by these tools. 

What follows is a compilation of the resources we believe will prove most useful to you as you run your agency. Put these to use; you’re missing out if you haven’t already!

Basics of Agency Management Software

To put it simply, agency management software is a program that helps advertising firms simplify their operations and perform their daily tasks more effectively.

Identifying your specific needs is the first step in researching and selecting the most suitable agency management software.

There are various management tools for agencies, some of which are tailored specifically to creative teams & agencies. In contrast, others are more general-purpose and may be used for managing anything from client feedback to internal projects.

Timeline and charting capabilities are also included in some agency management software packages.


The Notion is a powerful agency management software application used by industry leaders, including McDonald’s, Pixar, and Even Wall Street Journal.

It’s the best app for keeping your teams organized and giving them great autonomy over how they work together on different projects.

Notion is comprehensive, with features ranging from product plan creation to process documentation and customer relationship management. 

Content calendars, documentation, participant selection, meeting invitations, and app integration are just some of the things that can be done with it.

It also allows you to monitor the efficacy of your various B2B lead creation techniques.

Using other apps like Slack, you can combine them with Notion to keep track of your data in one central location. This is possible because many prominent technology companies have released their Notion integrations.

Many web design businesses worldwide already use Notion since it is one of the greatest ways to collaborate with teams. In addition, it is regarded as one of the most effective methods for managing a creative firm.


Are you frustrated by the complexity and length of your SaaS-based spreadsheets? Any reliable analytics tracking tool is a need for any firm. However, if you’re looking for a solution, look no further than Productiv.

When users come to Productiv, they can see a wealth of information about their activity in the system. In addition, customized SaaS connectors provide deeper insights into how apps are utilized. During the exploratory phase of a project, this is a must-have.

It also provides helpful suggestions and insights about the state of your apps. It ensures that your staff has access to all they need to execute their jobs effectively and helps to improve security and compliance.


Have you spent administrative time tracking which projects your teams are working on? If you are looking for great agency management software, look no further than FunctionFox.

It’s a breeze but produces professional-looking timesheets and project management processes.

FunctionFox’s many benefits include its affordability, ease of use, and wide range of features, such as its ability to compare budgets, create to-do lists, and keep track of retainers.

This digital scheduling tool may be the best option if you are on a tight budget and want something straightforward and user-friendly.


Slack has quickly become the standard method of electronic communication between businesspeople around the world. It’s simple to keep tabs on chats and works nicely with other programs like Google Docs.

Slack is the best communication software because it allows you to automate mundane chores with its workflow builder and integrates seamlessly with other apps. Teams can make their channels and invite others to join.

Moderators & admins can keep track of all exchanges to guarantee that work is handled smoothly.

As your agency expands, so can your network, thanks to the scalability of this management software.


Hubstaff is the best way to find out how long it takes for teams to perform various activities because it is a simple, highly efficient program that doesn’t hold back.

Google Chrome, desktop, and smartphone apps make it simple to monitor results. Because of its intuitive interface and an extensive list of compatible add-ons (over 40! ), Hubstaff has quickly become a favorite among businesses.

It streamlines your team’s administration, freeing you up to concentrate on what’s truly important. You will no longer require check-ins and will be provided comprehensive activity reports for each worker—one of the most widely used systems for managing marketing firms.

Finding money leaks is a breeze when you compare profit margins across projects. It works wonderfully as a project management tool.