Jira Software is a software development problem and project tracking program. Numerous agile teams utilize this highly flexible application to plan, track, and deliver software. Jira has grown over the years from a simple issue tracking tool to a project management platform in order to solve the difficulties and requirements of the modern workplace. Atlassian, the firm that owns Jira and was founded in 2002 in Sydney, currently has operations in the United States, Europe, and Asia and employs over 3000 people. Jira has over 65,000 clients.

The Top 10 Tutorials

Jira is utilized by organizations of various sizes. The majority of its clients are from the United States and work in the computer software and information technology industries. Non-tech firms, such as those in staffing and hiring, hospitals and healthcare, financial services, and others, also use it. It has purchased many startups, including AgileCraft, OpsGenie, and Trello, to continue innovating its products as part of its mission to become a contemporary tool. Here are the ten best tutorials, guides, and courses for learning Jira.

1. Atlassian University

Through its University website, Atlassian offers a number of free Jira tutorials. The brief tutorials are organized into series, with each lasting between three and twelve minutes. The Learn Jira Basics series, for instance, consists of six self-paced courses totaling 73 minutes. Go Agile with Jira, Gain Project Insights with JQL, and Use Git the Atlassian Way are more series titles. You may purchase access to the whole library through its Marketplace offerings.

2. Udemy – Learn Jira with real-world examples

This Udemy course has 11.5 hours of on-demand video and 7 downloadable materials. The course was most recently updated in May 2019 and has achieved a 4.5/5 rating from over 5000 reviews. 82 courses cover subjects such as what Jira is, its advantages, and how to utilize it. Additionally, agile ideas, Jira terminology, working with an agile team, Jira administration, examples, and Confluence are covered. It costs $19.99, and more than 27,000 pupils have enrolled.

3. Official Jira Software Guides

Atlassian provides a buyer and user guide website for individuals interested in learning How to Use Jira Software. The manual describes how to purchase, utilize, and adjust the program. It is separated into various sections, the first of which provides an introduction to Jira. Part 2 is the Quick Start Guide, while Part 3 includes best practices for projects, processes, users, administrators, and more.

4. Zapier Jira Tutorial

Zapier is a platform for automating app integration that works with a variety of tools, including Jira. There is a Jira Tutorial that addresses several essential ideas and procedures. This lesson covers how to get started with Jira, how to build a project in Jira, how to invite project team members, how to create an issue, and other pertinent subjects for maximizing the software’s use.

5. Udemy – Team Workflows in Jira

This Udemy course provides a practical way to construct a process for teams. Those who enroll and purchase the $19.99 course will learn how to personalize the agile features and boards of Jira, as well as better, comprehend Jira’s processes. It contains 1.5 hours of video on demand. The prerequisite for this course is a fundamental grasp of the program. It is great for Jira administrators and anybody who want to learn more strategies for constructing team procedures.

6. Tutorialspoint Jira Tutorial

Tutorialspoint is a free online library that contains lessons on the newest technologies, machine learning, computer science, web development, and more. Its Jira lesson is suitable for project experts who wish to master the software’s functions and components.

7. Atlassian Agile Coach

Atlassian provides a resource website for agile that covers a variety of subjects, including an agile overview, scrum, kanban, and agile project management, among others. It also includes step-by-step instructions for learning agile using Jira software. Using Jira Software, the courses cover subjects such as Learn scrum with Jira, Learn Kanban with Jira, how to utilize epics and constructing an agile board.

8. Udemy – Intro to Jira

The same author produced this course as the course on Team Workflows. Understanding Jira is a fundamental Udemy course that comprises 7.5 hours of on-demand video and 8 downloadable resources for users, managers, and administrators. At $19.99, the student gets 58 lectures that include the discussion of a Jira overview, words and concepts, basics of Jira Software, as well as its application for managers, team leads, and administrators, among others. A Jira cloud subscription is recommended for participation in this course.

9. Guru99 Jira Tutorial

Guru99 offers free video and essay tutorials on the most popular technological tools of the present day. Its Jira Tutorial is extensive and focuses on the program as a tool for tracking issues and projects. The handbook is easy to read and illustrated with images. Topics include creating an issue and generating the application’s different reports, including burndown charts.

10. Software Testing Help Jira Tutorial

Software Testing Assistance Jira Tutorial Software Testing Help is a website for the software development community. It is a useful resource for software testing, development, and reviews. It Provides Comprehensive Instructions on How to Use Jira Guide is a collection of eighteen lessons beginning with an introduction to Jira. It then moves on to download, installation, and licensing configuration, how to use it as a ticketing tool, how to build subtasks, and more, including Jira interview questions.


Jira Software exceeds issue tracking capabilities. It is a customizable project tracking application that offers a number of features to assist teams in delivering projects with higher success rates. The program enhances visibility, permits prioritizing, and boosts productivity. As a platform-independent tool, it is very accessible. Additionally, hundreds of add-ons and connections are available. Starting with any of the provided lessons might help you rapidly learn more about the program and how to use it.

Recommended Project Management Applications

If you are interested in learning more about top-rated project management software, Project-Management.com editors recommend the following:

1. monday.com

monday.com Work OS is an open platform that unites teams with custom-built solutions to break down communication barriers, advance projects, and align everyone. Access all status updates, budget approvals, and more on a single platform and quickly determine the status of your team’s work. Whether you are at home, at the workplace, or on the road without wifi, monday.com enables you to rapidly access vital information and make more informed decisions based on facts.

2. Jira

Jira is an agile project management tool utilized by development teams for product planning, tracking, and deployment. It is a common tool developed particularly for agile teams. In addition to developing stories, organizing sprints, monitoring bugs, and delivering up-to-date software, users may generate reports that aid in team improvement and design their own processes. As a component of Atlassian, it interfaces with a variety of technologies that allow teams to manage their projects and products from beginning to end. Jira Software is designed to help every member of your software team plan, track, and deploy excellent software. Each team has its own method for releasing software. Use a pre-existing process or design one that matches the way your company operates.

3. Nifty

This award-winning project management software keeps your organization’s people, projects, and functions aligned. It is named number one by G2 for its simplicity of use, therefore there is a minimal learning curve.

With Nifty’s automatic progress reporting, you’ll never miss a deadline again and will always maintain organizational supervision. Everything from marketing campaigns to development sprints and product launches can be planned, tracked, and visualized inside a single shared workspace. Nifty provides a free 14-day trial and a free product demonstration.

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