is a platform for managing teams that is intuitive, rich in visuals, and flexible in its presentation of data. It enables you to manage a wide variety of teams who are tasked with accomplishing a variety of tasks. In the early days of dapulse Labs, they developed an internal tool to assist users in resolving the day-to-day challenges they had with regard to project management. After having the programme tested by external partners and users, the developers got good comments about how the platform assisted users in managing their businesses, tracking their success, and remaining in charge. Monday was once known as Dapulse until the firm changed its name in 2017.

The Best Tutorials & Training is utilised by a range of enterprises and sectors. The platform is utilised by large and small enterprises, freelancers, and suppliers of professional services. Customers in sales, software development, real estate, and churches see value and benefit in the program’s ability to keep their businesses and organisations under greater control. The following lessons will instruct you on how to utilise the programme. Please note that the majority of materials originate from the vendor, since we have omitted lessons for their previous product, dapulse.

1. monday Knowledge Base

The knowledge base on contains articles that will assist you in navigating, getting started, and mastering the team management platform. In the Getting started area, you may read various articles that provide an introduction to the programme, how to begin using the software, and additional how-to articles such as establishing your first board, modifying column kinds, and adding boards and dashboards. A menu on the left side of the knowledge base page makes navigation straightforward.

2. monday Guides Spot

The Guides page provides the many use cases for and the corresponding articles. Teams and businesses can utilise the programme for a variety of purposes, including marketing, sales, CRM, project management, and software development. Some of the articles contain a little video to help illustrate the features and clarify the directions. The instructional articles for the project management use case cover basic PM, advanced PM, and how to utilise the programme for event planning.

3. Project Management With

Envato Tuts+ provides an introduction to project management via Envato is an online market for creative materials and creative individuals. It talks on its business lessons page how to utilise for extraordinary and stress-free project management. The author outlined the tasks in detail, including the creation of the project dashboard, the division of the project into tasks, and the conclusion of the project.

4. monday Video Center

A dedicated video instructional centre website provides a variety of videos for users at all stages of learning and use the programme. If you are just starting started, searching for best practises, or exploring advanced capabilities, there is a selection of videos available. Watch a lesson on to learn how to begin using the programme for work. Explainer films can teach you how to interact with your team or which board to utilise. The compilation also contains subjects such as working remotely, utilising automations, and integrating systems.

5. monday Webinars

You can select to attend live or on-demand webinars about subjects of interest on Monday’s team conducts demo webinars on fundamental, vital topics Monday through Friday at specified EST times. A monthly webinar on a variety of subjects helps teams increase their fundamental knowledge. The website also contains links to on-demand samples of webinar recording platforms. In addition to English, you can join a webinar in Spanish, French, or German.

6. Productivity Guide With is a free website that provides entertaining and useful web development training. In addition, there is a simple instructional that might aid in productivity enhancement. Receive a brief introduction to use cases, study key vocabulary, and construct a board from scratch. The page provides screenshots and videos to illustrate the software’s many features, including pulses, Gantt charts, and team communication.

7. How To Use

A further useful resource from the programme seller is a page with samples of the product’s many use cases. Discover how to utilise for team management, project management, and work planning. Discover features, use templates, and peruse client success stories. Choose a specific feature or implementation from a list that includes task management, project planning, marketing, agile project management, bug tracking, sales management, and lead tracking.

8. monday User Stories

This resource page is a compilation of how users from a variety of roles and sectors have utilised the programme to overcome a difficulty or resolve an issue. Use cases such as project management, sales, software development, and productivity are categorised on this page. A narrative consists of a brief description of the scenario, a board template that can be used to address the problem, and extra recommendations for getting started. Users may select from more than 30 categories and then read user tales within that category.

9. Cloudwards monday Tutorial

Cloudwards provides a lesson to assist novices arrange their first project using the programme. The post opens by instructing the reader on how to create a free trial account. It includes subjects such as building a board, adding groups to a board, and adding tasks for getting started with Monday. The remainder of the course includes discussions on how to structure the board and the team, as well as how to establish a dashboard and its many perspectives. It contains screenshots and instructions.

10. monday Tutorial Video

In this instructional video, Stewart Gauld demonstrates how to begin using as a project management platform for small enterprises to handle routine company tasks. The 20-minute video begins with a tutorial on creating an account, inviting and managing a team, and creating a new board. The movie emphasizes the aesthetic and multi-layout design as a point of differentiation from other PM applications.

Are You Prepared To Begin Training With A Tutorial?

These tutorials teach you how to utilize It is a simple, colorful method for organizing, collaborating, and managing tasks. The program is adaptable, configurable, and compatible with common applications. It also encourages transparency, which enables every team member and stakeholder to have the knowledge necessary to make prompt, optimal decisions and moves.


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