The premium version of Trello can be purchased for as little as ten dollars per user and per month and it can make business and project management so easy.

You need a flexible digital Workspace that can adapt to any team and provide better clarity on projects; this is true whether your team specializes in a single area or is cross-functional, with people from diverse departments such as marketing, human resources, support, or engineering.

Trello Premium enables you to organize and manage your work with a greater sense of perspective, eliminate tasks that are tiresome and repetitive, and share information in a secure environment. This well-liked feature of Trello is designed to provide your team with some more fuel while also ensuring that the experience is secure for everyone.

Ensure the accomplishment of team goals.

Greater ways to visualize your work can help you acquire more insight and perspective at every stage of the creative process, from inspiration to planning to execution. Your team’s productivity can reach its full potential with the help of limitless automation.

Premium options for teams to use.

Make sure that every project is a success by customizing your Trello workspace with additional ways to view your work and dashboards that will assist every team in performing at their highest level. Premium includes all of the features included in Standard, such as limitless boards, advanced checklists, and Custom Fields, in addition to the following features:

Try Butler

By upgrading to Premium, you’ll gain access to an unlimited number of automation instructions. You can do things like add teammates and move cards around without lifting a finger. Bonus: you don’t need to know how to code!

Advanced authorizations and rights

Trello Premium grants admins further control over how users can join teams and boards, all the way down to the domain level. This power includes the ability to block board invites and deactivate users in bulk.


Trello features comprehensive views that allow you to visualize your progress and board data, and it synchronizes together every moving aspect of your projects.

  • Timeline view
  • Table view
  • Dashboard view
  • Calendar view
  • Map view

Try using Butler.

The automation tool known as Butler requires no coding and is integrated directly into your board. Get more done with fewer mouse clicks by streamlining your workflow.

A whole unique perspective on Trello

Dive into the Timeline, Table, Dashboard, Map, and Calendar views in Trello for everything from mapping out locations to due dates to project deadlines in Trello.

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