By altering the background of your board, you may personalize your Trello boards. All users who access that board after you change the backdrop will see the new background. Choose from six different colors or lovely images to express yourself and make it simpler for people to navigate your board. Subscribers who have paid access may also upload custom background pictures.

Changing the background of your board

Go to the board menu on the right side of your board and choose “Alter Background” to change the background of your board. Next, you can select the background for your board.

After selecting “Change Background,” a new menu will appear where you can select between a photo and a background with a solid color. Choose from one of our solid-color selections by clicking “Colors,” or click “Photos” to peruse stunning, high-resolution pictures from Unsplash.

We have some suggestions to make it easier for you to find the images you’re looking for when searching for Unsplash photos. We would first advise using single-word searches. Try searching for synonyms or similar terms if you want to view more results (e.g., if you tried “beach”, try “sand”). Even photographs can be found by searching for a specific color!

Enjoy your gorgeous new board backdrop after selecting an image you like and clicking it to apply it to your board!

By selecting the grey box with a “+” in it under “Custom” in the board backgrounds menu, you can submit your own custom board backgrounds. Additionally, based on the color of your image, you can choose between light or dark board lettering by hovering your cursor over your uploaded image and clicking choices.

There is no perfect pixel resolution for a custom board background because Trello in the browser is dynamic and the background image resizes to fit the size of your browser window. For optimum results, we advise utilizing a high-quality image that was shot in landscape format (wider than it is tall).

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