It irks both the neatnik and the programmer in us that Trello does not provide an option to directly delete lists. You can archive them, but that’s not the same thing; sometimes you just want things removed (for example, when they were created by mistake, as opposed to simply not being relevant to your board any longer).

The following is a straightforward method for really removing lists:

  • You should start a new board and label it “To Delete” (you can call it anything you want really, we just call it that to make it a bit more obvious).
  • Click the ellipsis (represented by three dots) in the title bar of the list you wish to remove, and then pick “Move List” from the drop-down menu that appears.
  • You should transfer the list to the “To Delete” board that you just made.
  • Proceed to the “To Delete” board, and if the “Show Menu” option is not already visible on the right side of the Trello window or screen, pick it now.
  • In the menu for the board, select “More.”
  • Choose “Close Board” from the “More” menu, and then confirm your selection by clicking the “Close” button.
  • After that, a box that says “To Delete is closed” will appear in front of you; on this screen, select the option to “Permanently Delete Board,” then click the “Delete” button to confirm.
  • Have a lot of lists that need to be removed? First, transfer all of them to the board labeled “To Delete,” and then delete that board.

Warning: We’re not sure if this feature is available in the mobile version, but if it is, you can always access it through the desktop app or through the browser version. Take pleasure in your freshly vacated archives.

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