Along with the expansion of the business, so do the number of personnel, divisions, and projects. With the increase of teams, management and communication within cross-functional teams have become difficult challenges. An efficient project management platform that streamlines operations and increases output is required for continuous development.

One such tool for effective project management that promotes cross-organizational communication and information management is Trello. It helps with the setting up of workstations for various projects and departments as well as the allocation of tasks using Trello cards. It makes it easier to monitor the schedule and progress of each activity, as well as organize information and tasks.

A spreadsheet program is Microsoft Excel, on the other hand. Grids containing text, numbers, and formulas are produced using it. For tracking spending and income, making budgets, charting data, and successfully presenting financial results, many firms find this to be of utmost value. Trello contains information about project management, therefore frequently data transfer from Trello to Excel is necessary.

You will discover three simple procedures for exporting data from Trello to Excel for your business in this post, along with a brief introduction to Trello and Excel.

How to Export Data from Trello to Excel

Data from Trello to Excel can be exported via the Trello menu. The procedures below must be used to manually export data from Trello to Excel as a CSV file.

  • Step 1: Accessing the Menu for Print and Export
  • Step 2:Establish Trello Business Class
  • Step 3: Adding Data to Excel

Step 1: Accessing the Menu for Print and Export

Navigating to the Export menu is the first step in the export process from Trello to Excel. The Export capability of Trello is currently available to all Board participants, including Board observers. The Board Menu > More > Print and Export area is where you may find it. 

Trello’s export function can only be accessed by admin users. If you don’t already have one, ask your senior for one. You must have an admin account. The only JSON format is available for export. Trello Business Class access is required in order to export data from Trello to Excel.

Step 2: Establish Trello Business Class

For Trello to export data to Excel, you must ensure that the account is configured for Business Class Exports. You will be given the authorization to access Business Class Exports by your boss or a Trello administrator. 

All of the boards in your Workspace can be exported from Trello Business Class in CSV and JSON formats. files are another way to save all of your attachments in their original format. To do this, select “Export” from the menu that appears on your Business Class Workspace page.

Step 3: Adding Data to Excel

When using Business Class boards, CSV exports are available. If you require spreadsheet help, you can import these exports into spreadsheet tools like Microsoft Excel. Every user in a Business Class Workspace has access to the board’s CSV export function. 

Simply select “Create New Export” from the drop-down option in Step 2 to finish this process, and you will see the dialogue box shown below. Simply select “Export as CSV” to export information from Trello to Excel at this time.

Now start a new Excel file and select Data, then “From Text/CSV.” All of your data will be provided to you in the appropriate Excel file. The information has now been moved from Trello to Excel.

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