One of the biggest hurdles that many employees face is job security during an outbreak. The news media, public health officials, and other concerned citizens are all raising concerns about the dangers associated with having no protection against the deadly viruses that are rapidly moving through the population. However, it may be possible to find better solutions than what is currently available. A new concept for containing the spread of the disease may allow a workplace to return to some previous health standards while still offering workers peace of mind.

According to an interview with the World Network Business magazine, a team of infectious disease specialists conducted a study comparing traditional pest control methods with the Smart Manufacturing concepts used in Atlanta, Georgia. After researching Smart Manufacturing technologies beyond workplace re-entry webinar, one of the issues cited as worker security. Workers do not feel safe when entering various buildings containing potentially contaminated materials. Some may be aware of the potential danger but may not be comfortable reporting the problem. Others simply don’t feel comfortable asking their supervisor or manager to monitor their practices while at work.

In acknowledging this issue, some companies have turned to the innovative approach to creating workplace safety vests. These workplace safety vests will allow the workers to report safety concerns without asking questions of management first. Individuals can wear these safety vests as they exit the building or can be attached to their uniform. Employees who wear these will not have to ask management for permission to leave the worksite. The idea behind workplace safety vests is to offer employees a safety level that traditional security measures simply can’t.

An added issue that has been raised is the lack of education regarding worker compensation in the event of an outbreak. Many construction workers don’t feel confident enough to report their outbreaks, and when they do, they don’t always receive the proper compensation. As a result, construction workers have begun to turn to innovative solutions, such as the Job Security During Pandemic (JSDP) program.

The Job Security During Pandemic (JSDP) program is a program developed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to help construction workers during a pandemic outbreak. The program is composed of two principal components. The first component trains contractors to identify and assess contaminated surfaces and materials before they are introduced into a general ventilation system. The second component is to safely train contractors on handling contaminated equipment during the clean-up phase.

By utilizing Job Security During Pandemic Season, contractors will not be required to leave worksites to gather their protective clothing and equipment. Contractors may have access to special kiosks that will allow them to exchange their jackets and other gear for temporary vests with approved coverings. Vendors also can sell reusable tie-downs, socks, waterproof masks, and gloves to construction workers who refuse to use their items for work. With the help of Job Security During Pandemic Season (JSAP), workers will have peace of mind knowing they can protect themselves and their colleagues.


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