Cover art for 2023's The Avengers #1.

Image: Stuart Immonen/Marvel Comics

Every couple of years, Marvel Comics’ Avengers shakes up its roster so the creative team on hand can tell new stories that will eventually rise to cataclysmic heights. Since 2018, Jason Aaron and Ed McGuinness’ run has put Earth’s Mightiest Heroes through the ringer, but that run’s on its way to winding down after the Avengers go through another multiversal punch-up.

Following the end of Aaron and McGuinness’ tenure with April’s Avengers Assemble Omega, Jed Mackay (Moon Knight, Black Cat) and CF Villa (Black Cat, X-Men) will step in as the new creative team. As far as the actual Avengers are concerned, the team is comprised of Aaron holdovers Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Iron Man, and Thor, along with previous members Captain America (Sam Wilson), Vision, and Scarlet Witch. The latter three members have been off and on Avengers for years and at several points headlined offshoot teams during the 2010s such as the Mighty or Uncanny Avengers.

“Having the opportunity to plot the course of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes is a rush,” said Mackay to Marvel. “This is big, loud Avengers stuff—nothing in this story should ever feel small or inconsequential, and our lineup reflects that.” The first arc of his and Villa’s run will focus on a series of large-scale disasters throughout the universe called the Tribulation Events, with the first of these being the fall of the Impossible City. It falls to Marvel’s premier team to uncover the cause behind these events, which are said to “challenge the Avengers in bold ways and force them to prove, without a doubt, that they’re the most powerful force in the Marvel Universe.”

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Image: Stuart Immonen/Marvel Comics

With main covers by artist Stuart Immonen, The Avengers #1 will begin its monthly run on May 17.

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