A Trello Gold subscription can be a great idea if you are familiar with the free version of the platform and have run into some limitations. When you are a businessman or have a work team working for you, you will need all the facilities it provides.

Trello Gold: The Premium Version Of The Platform

Trello is a fairly new web tool that has been attracting many users with its level of organization. If you haven’t noticed, the application lets you create boards for posting tasks, reminders, and time schedules, among other features.

The best part is that the Trello Gold subscription doesn’t cost much since it is fully functional for just $5 a month. Additionally, the platform offers a discounted annual rate of $ 45, resulting in savings of $15, making it a convenient option. 

The Benefits Of Subscribing To Trello Gold

If you want to use all the features Trello has, you can purchase a subscription to the platform. They will likely be able to assist you on a daily basis, not just at work but also in your daily life. 

Benefits Shared With Freemium

One of the most noteworthy features of Trello Gold, which also comes with the free version, can’t be overstated. And there is no limit to how many colleagues or members you can have as associates.

There is no limit to the number of factors you can use for this. The same goes for the boards you can include in your profile. However, these two elements are the only ones that are the same for Premium and Standard modes.

Power-Ups For Each Card

Trello Gold has some really useful tools, for example, power-ups that enable you to activate a calendar or link it. However, you can only use one card per account in the free version, which can be inconvenient in some instances. 

Personalization With Emojis, Stickers, And Background Images

This is one more feature you can expect if you pay for the premium version of Trello. It enables you to customize each board creatively, such as by adding stickers, icons, and background images outside of the Platform.

File Upload Limit

When you use an account that doesn’t have the Trello Gold Plan, you may have trouble downloading or uploading large files like videos.

Alternatively, if you decide to subscribe to Trello Gold, you will have the capacity to upload files of up to 250MB at once. Therefore, you do not have to worry about downloading an audiovisual or sample file.

Improved Automation

When you join Trello as an exclusive member, you will be able to navigate better within the app, platform, or page with improved automation. It has been made possible by the programmed buttons with which you can access different sites in an efficient and smart way.

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