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Welcome! We are glad you stopped by. We welcome bloggers and fresh new voices to write for us. If you believe you have an interesting idea to share that will be useful for our readers and will engage them, we will gladly publish it.

Our team appreciates talented writers who can create well-researched articles. We aim to make our blog a reliable source for tech information, trends, tech equipment & gadgets, updates, actionable tips, reviews, and more! 

We provide our readers a greater insight into the tech industry. Therefore, we encourage fresh ideas from creative writers.

Our blog targets people from across the globe that seek to keep up with the world of technology. 

 Here are a few examples of topics:

  • Technology Melds Minds With Machines and Raises Concerns
  • Technology Developed for Lunar Landings Makes Self-Driving Cars Safer
  • Social Science: Computer Technologies in Society
  • What Should I be Following to Keep Up With Technology and News Media Issues? 10 Suggested Sources
  • Computer Glasses vs. Blue Light Glasses: Which Do You Need?

In case you have any new ideas for guest posts and articles, do share them with us. We will look into them as we always encourage new ideas.


  1. We only accept 100% original articles. The article should not be plagiarized or published elsewhere. Ensure you send us unique content only. 
  2. We prefer you send us articles that range from 1000 to 1500 words.
  3. Citations and hyperlinks should back any data you use in your article or statistics that you include to credible sources. 
  4. Your article must have a meta description. Around one to two sentences should summarize your whole article. 
  5. Bring your article to life through the use of images. Any image from a third-party source should include appropriate references.
  6. Do not mention brand names in your articles. We do not include brand promotional articles on our website. 
  7. Though we do not allow brand promotions, you can link your website or social media links in your bio. 


Before you start writing, visit our website and look at some of our published articles. This ensures that you do not repeat what has been said before. Reviewing our site should also give you an idea of what quality and tone we are looking for. 

Once it’s done, submit your articles with your bio and headshot at [email].

You can also send over any proposal or idea that you want to work on. Include your overview of the proposed idea covering major points that you wish to discuss in the article, and we will get back to you. 


  • Our editorial team will thoroughly review your submitted article and make sure it follows our guidelines mentioned above. 
  • We reserve the right to modify or correct anything if needed. 
  • We will publish your articles within the seven days if it satisfies our criteria. 
  • Once we publish your article, we will also share it on social media platforms. You must not republish the same article on other channels. 

Happy writing!