Monday, May 27, 2024
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Our Team

Our company is equipped with our team’s in-depth technical expertise, ability to see technologies to their fullest and unmatched passage to the industry’s top innovators and researchers.

Lester Brock

Editor in Chief

Editor-in-Chief of CTE Solutions, Lester is a tech security analyst, cybersecurity professional, and a white hat hacker.

Arnold Wilkes

Senior Technology Editor

Initially worked as a technical writer Editor, Arnold is a cybersecurity specialist, penetration examiner, and a dedicated Java and PHP developer.

Victor Lovelace

Senior Reviews Editor

Previously worked as a technical writer for tech organizations, Victor is an Information Security adviser who mainly reviews all the contributions and contents published on our website.

Kimberly Spohn

Tech Culture Editor

Cybersecurity Researcher, Security Critic at CTE Solutions. Kimberly is one of the company’s first and most valued contributors, she now mentors your professionals in becoming great tech culture editors.

Margaret Sims

Technology Reporter

Margaret is a contributor writer to CTE Solutions. She is a cybersecurity evangelist, author, lecturer, and cybersecurity blogger.