The amount of debate happening around IT since its introduction has only grown over the years. Harriet Chan, Marketing Director of CocoFinder thinks that the fact that we are unclear about so many things shows that we still have a lot to learn about it. However, we have still come quite far now and there are some facts, both good and bad, that we can clearly comprehend. 

Julian Goldie, CEO of Goldie Agency shared;

Advantage: Technology lets us manage our money better

20 years ago, would you have imagined paying for electronic currencies? What about cryptocurrency’s emergence? Because of what computers can do, the planet is increasingly becoming a cashless country, but don’t forget that paper money was once cutting-edge technology as well. 

Instead of waiting in line at the bank to pay a bill or mailing a deposit, you can transfer money immediately by going directly to a particular website. Because of this one particular feature of technology, we waste a lot less time standing in queues. As a result of this phase, you can also arrange your grocery shopping for delivery.

Disadvantage: There is more of a struggle to disconnect from work because of technology

Every week, you will receive hundreds of emails requesting your personal attention. You probably have a few voicemail messages and phone calls that you have to juggle to fit with your schedule. Text messages are waiting for a response from coworkers, managers, and customers. The truth of technology today is that escaping from work is almost impossible unless you can break from many of the technologies you use daily. Then there’s the problem of sorting the data you collect over the course of a day at work. When there are vast files to maintain, keeping track of meeting minutes, computer graphics, financial records, and training documentation can be a pain.

Jeff Cooper, Manager at Messagely added;

Advantage: We can communicate more efficiently because of technology

If the Industrial Revolution spread across the globe, improved communication resources were needed so that businesses, households, and governments could connect across the globe. That contributed to the development of the telegraph, which in turn led to the development of the landline telephone, the mobile phone, the cellular phone, and now our data-based communications over fiber optics. 

We’ve gone from letters becoming the most popular mode of communication to email and instant messages in less than a century. We can post visual images in seconds thanks to social media. Videos will also be shared as well. Many of these advantages have arisen as a result of the many aspects in which we have adopted technology over the years.

Disadvantage: There are data security concerns to manage

When our ability to navigate technology improves, so does our desire to integrate it into our everyday lives. Every day, massive quantities of data are gathered from each of us. Many of our private lives are saved on an HDD, SSD, or cloud, from the cookies that get signed into our computers when we visit a website to our credit card details when we make a transaction. If this data is breached even once, someone might learn our personal information, like where we live, work, and who our closest relatives are. 

What’s much scarier is that this material is still available online without a data leak. While it might seem weird, it is not against the law for a place like TruePeopleSearch to have details from public records if anyone is searching for you. You can email these sites to get the data removed, but new ones keep popping up.

Sasha Quail, Business Development Manager of Claims UK also shared;

Advantage: Technology gives us access to more information

The Internet may be the most important social village that mankind has ever built. It’s an educational tool that helps us to learn from various points of view, thoughts, and cultures from around the world. You will get real-time news alerts, play sports, and communicate with people on the other side of the world. It’s a simple process that gives us access to a wealth of information. You will get this knowledge from the convenience of your own home, thanks to technological advancements. While reading the news, you might have a cup of coffee. To optimize your consumption, you can also stream what you get from the Internet to other users.

Disadvantage: Technology creates dependencies

As technology has progressed in our society, we have become more reliant on our computers, instruments, and processes. Since anything is instantly accessible in a massive archive, there is no need to worry or remember facts. Because you can solve equations by punching them into the device, even a small tool like a calculator eliminates the need to perform mental calculations or know how to do mathematics. Since these interactions result in a loss of human resources, certain businesses may face a higher risk of unemployment. We might also use a computer to completely replace humans, such as a restaurant’s self-service touch screen.

Lastly, Daniel Foley, SEO Manager at Litta thinks;

Advantage: You can save time by using technology

If you’re old enough to remember a time before smartphones and GPS, you’ll recall that there was only one way to get around a new city: paper maps. You can now go anywhere and know exactly where you’re going with line-by-line instructions, thanks to technological advancements. There are times when a GPS device can cause you to drive into a lake if you aren’t paying attention to your surroundings, but this enhancement to traveling has other advantages to consider. 

If your car runs out of petrol, you will find out where the nearest gas station is. You will use the guides to find unique attractions that you want to visit. Such apps will also assist you in booking a hotel room directly from the app. Thanks to technology, you can also see the traffic conditions that await you.

Disadvantage: We must have laws in place that protect individual freedoms

We will all learn from these innovations in our lives, our homes, and our cultures. You will look up a recipe, an investing plan, or an educational theory to pursue on the Internet. The majority of people do not need supervision when mowing their grass or planting a garden. These processes provide us with a wide range of personal liberties that were not always open in the past. 

We also have technological advancements that necessitate the creation of legislation to protect our civil liberties. After all, having the potential to build an atomic bomb in one’s garage isn’t something that we desire in society. To keep us safe, regulations must continue to evolve as innovations arise.