It is a frequently asked question of how to transfer an operating system to a new computer. Well, you can easily do it with the cloning method or you can visit the nearest computer repair shop like Tech!Espresso to make it work. We have mentioned the whole process below. Let’s have a look at the cloning method of transferring OS from one computer to another.

Clone Computer to Another Computer

Disk cloning is the best way to transfer the contents from one hard drive to another without needing a physical cable. In other words, your target device where you want to perform a Windows Update will contain an exact copy of Windows and data!

How to clone one computer to another? follow the below-mentioned easy guide.

Move 1: Clone Disk for Moving Hard Drive To Your New Computer Windows 7/8/10

Step 1: Connect your Computer’s hard drive with your old PC and launch MiniTool ShadowMakerTrial Edition.

Step 2: You are now supposed to visit Tool Windows, where you will see a list of features. Now for disk duplication, click on Clone Disk Feature. It is for duplicating operating systems from one PC to another.

Now visit Tool Window, where you can see a list of features. You are supposed to click on Clone Disk feature for disk duplication. It is required to transfer OS from one PC to another.

Step 3: Minitool ShadowMaker 

MiniTool ShadowMaker will ask you to choose the destination disk and source disk for cloning. You are required to choose the specific hard drive for the corresponding section.

Step 4: complete the migration process of your Computer. You can see the information on the transfer progress page. Wait patiently till the operation is completed. You can also choose the option to shut down your PC when the operation has been completed.

Move 2: Now Fix Incompatibility Issues Between New And Old Computer

Mostly, when you move the hard drive to a new Windows 10 computer, your PC runs properly. Anyhow, if you copy windows 7 from your old computer to a new computer, you may face some issues like your new hard drive is not booting in Windows 7, or it may experience a BSOD issue during the booting process. 

The main reason for not booting the clone hard drive is the incompatibility of the hard drive between your new and old Computer. Well, how can you put your hard drive in another computer and ensure that it will boot?

To solve this issue, MiniTool ShadowMaker can help us. It has a universal restore feature that could be useful in hardware incompatibility issues. You can efficiently transfer the operating system from one computer to the other using cloning while ensuring that your PC won’t create any problems when you start.

Step 1: Create a bootable disc or a Flash drive with its media builder is located on the tool page. Now boot your new PC from the boot drive to enter the MiniTool ShadowMaker recovery environment.

Step 2: Now go to tools and then click on the Universal Restore feature.

Step 3: MiniTool shadowMaker will detect the installed OS on the hard drive.

Late shut down your PC and enter BIOS and boot menu in order to change the boot order to boot your Computer from a cloned hard drive. Cheers! Enjoy everything on your new computer as you do on your old Computer.

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