Trello is a collaborative and productive project management solution that allows teams to visually communicate and organize their tasks. It is used in a wide range of job circumstances and project sizes. This online platform allows users to enter and assign tasks, set due dates, write comments, attach files, add labels, and more as a web-based system of boards, columns, and cards. 

On the other hand, a Gantt chart is an important project management tool that isn’t included by default in Trello. Although this useful feature isn’t available by default, Trello add-ons interface with various third-party apps, providing a Trello-friendly Gantt chart for faster job planning, coordination, and monitoring.

Trello uses Power-Ups, Trello add-ons, and browser extensions to expand its basic yet versatile features. Trello is now used by a wide range of teams, particularly those that don’t use or don’t miss a Gantt chart. 

Even yet, a Gantt chart is an important component of project management and monitoring for many teams and individuals. Here are five add-ons that function well with this project management software.


Bridge24 for Trello is a robust reporting and exporting tool that can be used to extend the capabilities of Trello. The availability of many views gives users more control over their data. You can simply examine, filter, and update project data in boards and cards using the Power Grid, Calendar, Board, and Gantt chart views. 

You can view cards across boards in a timeline using the Trello Gantt chart view. As start and end dates, you can use any date field. Filter and update cards, show cards without dates, collapse or expand groupings by board or list, and save your Gantt chart as a PDF. 

You may also create different interactive charts with Bridge24’s reporting engine to dive down into the information. Create customized reports in high-resolution printing format or export them to Excel or PDF.


TeamGantt is a project management and Gantt chart software solution available online. As a Trello Gantt chart Power-Up, the software is also available. Cards are displayed in a timeline in TeamGantt. You can use a single Gantt chart to organize cards from numerous Trello boards. 

Include resources and project dependencies to display real-time information on the chart. The Trello add-on automatically syncs dates and completion rates across boards.

If you prefer to link manually, you can transmit cards from a single Trello board to numerous Gantt charts and sync cards from several Trello boards into a single chart.


SoftwarePlant’s BigPicture is a project management application. They currently provide a Trello Gantt chart software as a Power-Up after polishing a Gantt chart add-on for Jira. 

BigPicture allows you to manage the work breakdown structure of a project and filter and show selected data. It includes features such as milestones, markers, critical paths, progress views, and other custom views to help you assess the status of your project. 

BigPicture is a Trello add-on for project and portfolio management that allows you to drag-and-drop activities, work manually or construct automation, create WBS and dependency linkages, sort and organize cards, and personalize the interface.


Elegantt is a Chrome browser addon that converts Trello boards and cards into Gantt charts. Elegantt can be downloaded through the Chrome Web Store by Chrome users. After installing the software, they can connect to Trello and accept the app permissions to allow Elegantt to create Gantt charts from their Trello data. 

Then they just have to decide which boards the Trello Gantt chart software will use to build a project schedule. Teams may easily flip between the board and chart views or share the screen between the two. 

The add-on makes it simple to keep track of your progress. To enjoy the full interactive features of the Gantt chart, users must use Chrome and install the extension.

Projects by Placker

Placker’s Projects Power-Up for Trello is a Gantt chart Power-Up. Placker is a web-based job management application for Trello project management that makes planning and tracking easier. Projects by Placker is a Trello add-on that helps you organize your cards into Gantt charts and dashboards. 

With the tools added to Trello, project managers and teams can plan, execute, and report on their progress. Gantt charts are available in Placker’s Projects for assigning and tracking deadlines. 

It offers customized dashboards, card mirroring, and the ability to combine a group of Trello boards into a single huge board that shows forthcoming tasks in a broad view.


Trello is still a popular online work platform for project and collaborative task management. It’s a visually appealing solution that interfaces with third-party apps and add-ons to turn into a strong project management tool replete with Gantt charts. 

Users can customize it with simple but powerful extensions, enhance it with Power-ups, and leverage other web tools to get more functionality out of a single solution.

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