A contact relationship management (CRM) solution that combines sophisticated social media technologies, Nimble delivers a single system that gives users the most relevant consumer information.

It’s no secret that getting consumers and retaining them through active communication channels are two of the most difficult components of business growth.

With the emergence of social media, businesses’ interactions with their target audience have shifted, and platforms like Twitter and Facebook have fast become the most crucial communication channels for sales and marketing teams.

Apart from being the most efficient means of communicating with target audiences, social networks enable businesses to acquire useful, up-to-date information on prospective clients.

While the majority of businesses recognize the importance of using Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media sites to learn more about their clients, they may struggle to manage important data distributed across various platforms.

When users begin interacting with a brand’s online content — whether by liking, commenting, or sharing — it can be difficult to understand which of these signals is most important.

The Nimble Solution

Nimble works with Office 365 and G Suite, allowing you to view any messages received via Outlook or Gmail, as well as emails associated with your Outlook Calendar or Google Calendar, in a consolidated system.

Because the solution syncs your Office 365 and Google Apps data seamlessly, you can update contacts, obtain customer and company insights, and manage deals straight from inside your existing workflows.

Apart from delivering up-to-date and correct data, this system eliminates the need for manual data entry, allowing you to spend more time connecting with consumers.

While Nimble has a slew of helpful CRM capabilities, like a sales funnel, email prospecting, calendar appointments, a smart agenda, marketing automation, and sales intelligence, it distinguishes itself by generating sales through social media management.

Going Beyond Traditional CRM

As is the case with the majority of CRM platforms, Nimble supports basic contact data import from Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, Skype, Facebook, and LinkedIn. However, it takes things a step further by allowing users to immediately incorporate specific data from social media into the CRM. It’s referred to as a social CRM.

Nimble’s Contact Record function searches the web for a match with each contact you add on social media. The CRM crawls the web for publicly accessible information in order to offer you possibly helpful biographies about your leads and customers.

Jon Ferrara, founder, and CEO of Nimble, boldly proclaims that rather than ‘Googling’ someone, you can now ‘Nimble’ them.

The Contact Record generates an automated summary for each contact based on the information included in their social media accounts. Additionally, it examines shared interests to assist explain why each contact is significant to your business and any possible connections.

Monitoring the full social stream of your clients and prospects enables you to learn more quickly, modify your offers appropriately, and produce more sales.

A New Way To Search

Nimble’s Smart Segmentation tool makes it simple to locate individuals and businesses that are critical to your organization. Apart from name and company, you may search for contacts using a variety of categories, including location, education, biography, and interests.

This feature “magically” populates contact records with information about persons and businesses. It works by reading data from multiple sites — such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google+ accounts — and then automatically synchronizing it with Nimble.

Nimble’s Smart Segmentation tool promises to offer you all the data you need to begin segmenting your prospects into smaller groupings and communicating with them more effectively and personally.

Empowering Social Media Engagement

Additionally, Nimble assists you in optimizing your own social media presence by consolidating your accounts into a single stream.

The Unified Social Notifications feature consolidates all of your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ likes, friend invites, comments, and other social interactions into a single dashboard, allowing you to reply, follow, and engage from a single location.

Nimble offers a daily hit list of the most significant news from your social networks, including colleagues and friends moving professions, scheduled meetings, and even birthday reminders.

This feature assists marketing and sales teams in determining where to begin the daily engagement.

Bringing Back The ‘R’ In CRM

Jon Ferrara, the nimble founder, and CEO made his mark in the business world by establishing GoldMine, an award-winning sales force automation and customer relationship management (CRM) software. Although he sold the company in 1999, he never truly stepped away from the business.

When social media gained prominence in the early 2000s, Ferrara, an entrepreneur at heart, instantly realized the platform’s potential and began searching for a CRM solution that could combine sites like Facebook and Twitter.

He quickly found that not only were there no CRM systems that incorporated social media, but that the majority of solutions also lacked the CRM “relationship” component.

Ferrara decided to reimagine customer relationship management by creating an online platform that expands organically as its customers’ contact information and social groups increase, and Nimble was launched in 2010.

“Available contact management systems were designed for reporting purposes, and they were broken,” Ferrara explained in a 2017 interview with Peter Banerjea for The Huffington Post. “People were abandoning CRM projects in droves because they required people to spend far too much time logging what they knew and did, rather than assisting them in selling.” As a result, I set out to create a contact management system that worked for you rather than against you.”

Since Nimble’s inception, over 140,000 individuals have subscribed.

Recent accolades include being recognized as a CRM Market Leader in September 2018 and receiving significant funding from notable investors like Imagen Capital Partners, Indicator Ventures, and Mark Cuban’s Radical Investments. Additionally, the firm has garnered approximately $12 million in investment since 2010.

Ferrara has been named one of Forbes’ Top 10 Social Salespeople in the World, one of the Top 10 Social Chief Executive Officers, and one of the Top 50 Social Business Twitter Accounts to Follow.

Bringing The Focus Back To Relationships

At its heart, sales is a connection business.

By providing businesses with the information and channels necessary to establish and nurture relationships, social media has developed into a powerful sales tool.

Recognizing the enormous potential of social media enabled Nimble to reimagine CRM software and give businesses an optimized solution that automates the sales force while placing a fresh emphasis on relationship development.