Ghostface stands forlornly yet menacingly in a New York bodega.

Screenshot: Paramount

The stars have talked a big game about Scream VI, the upcoming sequel that takes the increasingly venerable horror franchise from the sleepy yet murder-filled town of Woodsboro and takes it to the big city. And if you were wondering exactly how the serial killer Ghostface—or, rather, whoever’s running around under the mask—would be able to operate in New York, this trailer has an answer.

Because that was my question: How could Ghostface kill his victims if they stayed in well-lit, public places with other people in them? The answer:

Scream VI | Official Trailer (2023 Movie)

By being extremely good at killing people.

Admittedly, I’m not much for horror films, but if there’s going to be a sixth movie in this franchise, this is how I would want it to be done. Ghostface using the anonymity of being a person among millions, as on the subway, to do his dark deeds. Courtney Cox, playing a character several Ghostfaces have stalked for years, being more furious at the reappearance of a masked murderer than afraid (…at first). A shrine to the killer, hinting slyly that Ghostface is a group of fervent killers, making them far more dangerous.

It all looks good, which is to say scary, which is to say fun. Scream VI stabs its way into theaters on March 10.

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