CRM systems are among the most advantageous business software ever developed. Every industry should have a CRM platform. The healthcare sector is no different. We include everything from large hospitals to small private clinics.

Choosing the most effective healthcare CRM software should not be too challenging. We list all the benefits a CRM platform may provide to healthcare organizations to aid your decision. Then, we examine 15 of the top healthcare CRM firms and their current solutions.

HIPAA compliance is a critical factor to consider while evaluating healthcare CRM. We examine numerous HIPAA-compliant CRM products and define their compliance. Due to the fact that, when it comes to customer relationship management, healthcare customers have unique data security requirements.

Healthcare CRM Comparison Chart (10 highest rated medical CRMs)

What Is Healthcare CRM?

So what is CRM for healthcare exactly? As with any decent CRM software, it allows you to manage your contacts.

In this instance, the majority are patients. You may want to refer to it as PRM, or patient relationship management. It will record their medical and pharmaceutical information, along with their appointment and correspondence history.

However, not just patients are considered contacts. The CRM for healthcare may handle contacts such as physicians and other medical professionals. It is also useful for tracking referral networks.

Healthcare CRM extends beyond patient and contact management. The focus is also placed on marketing and sales. This involves assisting clinics and other medical practitioners in acquiring new clientele and expanding their practices.

Customer support is another aspect of healthcare CRM that may be aided. It aids with the development of online resource centers, ticket creation, and issue tracking. In addition, it provides a centralized dashboard for all interactions between prospective and returning patients.

Lastly, the top CRMs for the healthcare business have online reputation management capabilities. It can monitor your clinic’s activity across social media and other review sites. This allows you to respond to any comments and promote favorable evaluations to the top.

What Is HIPAA-compliant Software?

Compliance with HIPAA pertains to the safeguarding of patient information and communications. It is intended to facilitate the flow of medical information. It makes the sharing of records between healthcare providers and institutions secure. Software that complies with HIPAA safeguards patient information against fraud and theft. It also sets the limits of health insurance coverage.

1996 saw the passage of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act by the United States Congress. It includes five regions. 

  1. Health coverage in the event of job loss. 
  2. Healthcare transaction standards. 
  3. Recommendations for medical expenditures 
  4. Requirements for group health insurance programs. 
  5. Rules regulating company-sponsored life insurance coverage.

What Are The Different Types Of Healthcare CRM Software?

  1. Patient relationship management
  2. Medical data management
  3. Patient engagement
  4. New patient acquisition
  5. Referral management
  6. Payer management
  7. Treatment sales pipelines
  8. Appointment scheduling tools
  9. Clinic reputation management

Cloud Salesforce Health (Best healthcare CRM software overall)

Salesforce is a market-leading CRM solution for several industries. It offers a solution for the healthcare and life sciences industries. It is a customizable platform for diverse healthcare requirements. These include new patient outreach. It provides a comprehensive picture of patients’ medical records. Additionally, it tracks referral parties. On any device, healthcare practitioners may interact with patients. This may be utilised for appointment reminders and cancellations. There are instruments that facilitate payments with insurance. In addition, you receive medication management tools. Salesforce may also assist with sales and marketing.

Salesforce Health Cloud is most effective for:

  • Private practises
  • Hospitals
  • Patient administration
  • Patient engagement
  • Expenses and coverage
  • Promotion and marketing

Is Salesforce Health Cloud compatible with HIPAA?

Yes, Salesforce Health Cloud is capable of HIPAA compliance. Customers can develop Salesforce apps. These can fulfil all HIPAA compliance rules. HIPAA safeguards the confidentiality of patient records. Salesforce Health Cloud is an effective CRM platform for patient data management.

Zendesk For Healthcare (Best healthcare CRM Solution Software For Customer Service)

Zendesk is a prominent CRM system and customer service platform. It provides an answer for healthcare businesses. Zendesk helps to preserve positive patient experiences. With EHR, medical devices, and appointment histories, you obtain entire patient data. Zendesk Support facilitates communication with patients. In addition to call centre tools, there are SMS and other mediums. Zendesk’s Healthcare CRM features provide appointment reminders and follow-ups. Additionally, medical practitioners can plan their everyday duties.

Zendesk excels at:

  • Private practises
  • Patient contentment
  • Patient recruitment
  • Patient assistance for customers
  • Daily duties

Is Zendesk HIPAA Compliant?

Zendesk may be made compliant with HIPAA. Subscribers to Zendesk must comply with HIPAA settings. They must comply with this requirement prior to using protected health information (PHI). In addition, Zendesk offers an enhanced security add-on to facilitate HIPAA compliance. Users seeking further information can contact a Zendesk account executive.

Onpipeline Healthcare CRM (Top medical CRM Software For Patient Acquisition)

Onpipeline is an adequate customer relationship management system overall. It may be used as a CRM system for healthcare. It excels mostly in sales and marketing. This makes it ideal for both outreach and patient acquisition. Marketing automation tools are available. These are advantageous for private clinics seeking new clientele. In addition to setting up marketing automation workflows when communicating with new and potential patients, you can also configure marketing automation workflows. As a CRM, it manages patient information and medical histories.

Onpipeline excels at:

  • Private clinics
  • Patient acquisition
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Sales management

Is Onpipeline HIPAA Compliant? 

Onpipeline Healthcare CRM is now compliant with HIPAA, when previously it was not. The platform fulfils HIPAA’s security requirements. However, this does not include data encryption for storage. This should not serve as a deterrent, as HIPAA does not mandate storage encryption.

Leadsquared Healthcare CRM (Best HIPAA Compliant CRM Software)

Leadsquared is a CRM for marketing and sales. It includes healthcare among its offerings. As a CRM for healthcare, it is appropriate for speciality hospitals. There are other hospitals for women and children. Leadsquare can acquire prospective patient leads. Marketing automation exists to turn prospects into paying patients. It also has telephone dialers to save all patient correspondence. With Leadsquared, hospitals and clinics are able to establish email marketing campaigns and landing sites. There are additional reports on patient satisfaction.

Leadsquared excels at:

  • Specialty hospitals
  • Private clinics
  • Marketing automation
  • Patient satisfaction

Is Leadsquared Compliant With HIPAA?

Leadsquared is completely compliant with HIPAA. Through the Business Associate Agreement, the organisation keeps patient health records. This is performed to the highest security requirements. Leadsquared promises compliance with all regulatory regulations. This is to ensure the optimal protection of sensitive patient data and other medical history details.

IMS By Meditab (Good doctor CRM tools for EHR management)

Intelligent Medical Software (IMS) is the abbreviation for Intelligent Medical Software. It focuses on electronic medical records (EHR). It also includes medical practise management tools. IMS can assist simplify billing and payments. Utilizing IMS facilitates regulatory compliance monitoring. You have access to patient documentation and clinical decision-making tools. Referral management exists. IMS also has capabilities for electronic prescriptions.

IMS is optimal for:

  • Private clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Referral management
  • Electronic health records
  • Practice management

Is IMS HIPAA Compliant?

IMS is compliant with HIPAA. With IMS, all electronic health records are extremely secure. IMS possesses a tool named FaxCloud. This facilitates the transmission and reception of electronic faxes. All faxes are transmitted directly to and from secure databases. This functionality conforms to HIPAA requirements.

OperaDDS (Top CRM Program For Dentists)

OperaDDS is a dental communication tool. Additionally, it offers capabilities that are beneficial for general healthcare CRM. OperaDDS mostly uses electronic forms, which is optimal for eliminating human contact. All patient information is kept extremely safe. You have access to patient reminder tools. These are compatible with email, SMS, and other methods. OperaDDS can also handle social media reviews for your clinic. It maintains positive reviews at the top.

OperaDDS excels at:

  • Dental practises
  • Reminders and aftercare
  • Electronic forms
  • encrypted email
  • Reputation administration

Is OperaDDS HIPAA Compliant?

There are OperaDDS add-ons available. This contains a HIPAA-compliant email extension. It is advised that dental offices do not utilise Gmail or Outlook. This may be a HIPAA violation. The OperaDDS encrypted email tool complies with all HIPAA regulations. Additionally, it prevents spam and allows you withdraw communications.

PatientPop (Good healthcare CRM solution for email automation)

PatientPop is a platform for private clinic expansion. It aids clinics in creating websites and establishing a good digital presence. There are tools available for monitoring and managing one’s internet reputation. This platform facilitates online booking for patients. Appointment reminders and cancellations can be automated using processes. PatientPop is compatible with EMR and EHR platforms. Marketing efforts aid in attracting new patients.

PatientPop excels at:

  • Private clinics
  • Landing pages
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Workflow automation
  • Automated emails

Is PatientPop Compliant With HIPAA?

PatientPop is fully compliant with HIPAA. All patient information is kept securely in accordance with HIPAA requirements. Your PatientPop platform may be managed securely on-premises or in the cloud. PatientPop complies with HIPAA in accordance with the Business Associate Agreement. All patient health records are secure.

HIPAA CRM (Good Cloud-based Healthcare CRM For HIPAA Compliance)

HIPAA CRM is a cloud-based CRM application. As its name implies, this healthcare CRM takes HIPAA compliance seriously. Patient management provides a comprehensive overview of all patients. It allows clinics to track the sales funnel for acquiring new patients. Additionally, sales pipelines are used to track new treatment prospects. Email and direct mail are supported by a marketing automation technology. You also receive task management tools. HIPAA CRM has secure phone call functionality.

HIPAA CRM is ideal when:

  • Private practises
  • Marketing efforts
  • Process automation
  • HIPAA compliance

Is HIPAA CRM Compliant?

HIPAA compliance is an integral component of the HIPAA CRM platform. Medical records are kept in accordance with HIPAA regulations. This platform is cloud-based and adheres to the Business Associate Agreement. With HIPAA CRM for all conversations, patient health information is safe and secure.

Mercury Healthcare (Top Healthcare CRM Contact Center Solution)

Mercury Healthcare (previously Healthgrades) is an intelligent platform for the healthcare business and health systems. Contact centres and appointment schedulers are examples of patient engagement-enhancing tools. Mercury assists clinics in analysing their target markets for email marketing initiatives. It intelligently segments audiences. The Mercury platform facilitates referrals and health system collaboration.

Mercury Healthcare excels at:

  • Private practises
  • Contact facility
  • Marketing efforts
  • Acquisition of patients Engagement of patients

Is Mercury Healthcare Compliant With HIPAA?

Mercury Healthcare’s customer relationship management software for the healthcare business is HIPAA-compliant. When health information from a central source is shared, it stays secured and secure. This information might include name, age, treatment details, and more. Mercury Healthcare is also an AppExchange partner of Salesforce.

PlayMaker Health (Top Healthcare CRM For Business Intelligence)

PlayMaker health provides data analytics and business intelligence for the healthcare industry. It is intended to facilitate marketing and sales for private clinics. PlayMaker features a CRM with mobile applications. You receive comprehensive referral profiles. It facilitates identification of prospective patients and segmentation. In addition, there are geo-location recommendations. PlayMakerHealth further provides market intelligence for acquiring new patients. It engages in cross-selling and up-selling with repeat customers.

PlayMaker Health excels at:

  • Private clinics
  • Marketing and sales
  • Referral profiles
  • Market insights

Is PlayMaker Health Compliant With HIPAA?

PlayMaker Health safeguards protected health information in accordance with HIPAA regulations. Playmaker Health is a healthcare sector product. This consists of hospice care, private clinics, and long-term care. PlayMaker Health is compliant with HIPAA. Additionally, it contains various built-in security mechanisms.


Caspio is a comprehensive customer relationship management platform. It is useful for establishing databases without coding knowledge. Caspio provides several functions for assisting medical practitioners. There are online patient portals available. There are health scorecards and feedback options for patients. Caspio manages initiatives for patient involvement. Additionally, it checks employee efficiency. There is also medical equipment inventory management.

Caspio excels at:

  • Private clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Medical device tracking

Is Caspio Compliant With HIPAA?

Caspio offers a HIPAA-compliant version. It safeguards patient data in accordance with stringent HIPAA rules. Caspio has Business Associate Agreements (BAA) in place with a number of vendors. It also offers BAA to users of Caspio’s CRM software for the healthcare industry. Caspio is an industry-wide secure platform for the healthcare sector.

Happy Charting 

Happy Charting is a healthcare-specific CRM. Electronic medical records (EMR) for the acupuncture sector are its primary focus. Its purpose is to save time on charting duties. Acupuncturists place a high premium on charts. This is an extremely basic CRM application. It saves patient information such as the location of pain complaints. Moreover, you receive patient history records. Finally, Happy Charting is equipped with a scheduling tool.

Happy Charting excels at:

  • Acupuncturists
  • Chart making
  • Scheduling

Is Happy Charting Compliant With HIPAA?

Happy Charting takes every attempt to adhere to HIPAA requirements. The organisation employs HIPAA consulting advisers. Happy Chart even gives HIPAA training videos to its members. Happy Charting encourages its users to educate themselves on HIPAA requirements. This reduces the likelihood of culpability.


Pega is a customer engagement tool. It utilises AI capabilities within the platform. Pega offers a healthcare and life sciences solution. It can assist healthcare companies with more tailored patient interaction. You receive a complete perspective of the patient, including demographics. AI marketing facilitates outreach. You are provided with instruments for medication management. Pega provides customer service tools for hospitals and clinics.

Pega excels at:

  • Private clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Patient outreach
  • Patient retention
  • Email marketing

Is Pega Compliant With HIPAA?

Officially, Pega is not HIPAA compliant. It has HIPAA compliance certification. However, Pega may be used to do customer support at HIPAA-compliant levels. With Pega, patient information is extremely safe. For enhanced security, you may run Pega on-premise.


Kea is manufactured by VMS, a whole business solution. Kea-CRM is designed for hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry. This is a CRM solution for sales and marketing. It allows you to monitor your interactions with patients, physicians, medical firms, and insurance providers. All data can be simply managed in a single location. Additionally, Kea-CRM facilitates patient outreach. There are instruments for marketing campaigns. In addition, there are tools for managing referrals. For the pharmaceutical industry, this is an excellent resource.

Kea-CRM is optimal for:

  • Private clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Pharma
  • Marketing campaigns

Is Kea-CRM Compliant With HIPAA?

Kea-CRM is a CRM for healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. However, it does not comply with HIPAA. HIPAA compliance assures the security of patient data on a platform. This covers patient communications and medical history. HIPAA facilitates the exchange of x-rays and medication histories.

Influx MD

Influx MD is a platform for sales and marketing in the healthcare business. It begins with effective contact management. It allows clinics seeking new patients to collect and score leads. You receive demographic information that is modifiable. Lead status is updated in real-time. Inflow provides complete communication history. Email marketing campaigns may be automated with marketing processes. Also possible is the integration of EMR and scheduling functions.

Influx MD excels at:

  • Private clinics
  • Contact management
  • Lead capture
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Marketing automation

Is Influx MD Compliant With HIPAA?

Influx MD is compliant with HIPAA. A third party audits Influx to guarantee data protection. The hosting environment of Influx is protected. Firewalls, encryption, and offsite backups are included in the hosting environment. Every Influx user has access to a signed BAA. This certifies HIPAA compliance for Influx users.

What is the most effective CRM for the healthcare sector?

Our Most Important Takeaways

Whether it’s a hospital, a clinic network, or a small independent medical practise, healthcare CRM is tremendously beneficial. Patients, like other types of clients, should have a positive interaction with your clinic at every touchpoint. Especially when it comes to capturing prospective new patient-customers as leads.

We hope that you’ve discovered the ideal healthcare CRM here. Salesforce and Zendesk are not often linked with the healthcare industry, yet they provide some of the most effective healthcare CRM technologies. Otherwise, choose one of the top CRMs for HIPAA and healthcare compliance.

FAQs Regarding Healthcare CRM

What Is The Best Free CRM Software For Healthcare?

The finest free solutions for medical CRM software are not free, however many generic CRMs are suitable for the healthcare business. Caspio is a low-code CRM that is usable for CRM. There is a healthcare solution and a free version available. Additionally, HubSpot may be utilised as a healthcare CRM.

What Function Does CRM Play In The Medical Industry?

In the healthcare business, CRM is used to manage patient profiles. This contains medical records, appointment and treatment histories, and prescriptions. A hospital CRM helps simplify reservations and bulk email contact lists with vital healthcare information. Additionally, it may automate routine hospital administrative operations.

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