Anyone who has ever had a Trell-uh-oh moment knows there is no undo button. This is likely why the software encourages you to archive rather than delete obsolete or unnecessary cards, lists, and boards.

However, certain data shouldn’t be preserved indefinitely. Occasionally, items must be erased, whether they contain sensitive information or are just out of date. Permanently. When it comes to data that needs to be erased, whether for security reasons, data compliance laws, or just to make place for the new, archiving is insufficient.

Keep in mind, though, that deletions in Trello are irreversible — once you click “delete,” there is no coming back. However, if you utilize a reliable backup provider, you will never be without an undo button.

How to Do It?

There are two ways available to Trello users for removing boards.

  • The first alternative is to delete the board after “closing” it. Similar to archiving a card, “closing” a board removes it from your everyday dashboard (freeing up vital space!) but allows you to still access it if necessary.

From the Board Menu, select “More” followed by “Close Board.” You will be given the choice to “Re-open” or “Permanently Delete Board” once the board has been closed. Or, if you have previously closed the board, select “Boards” in the top menu to see your “Closed Boards” list. There, you’ll see a list of your closed boards with a “Delete” option for any board you own (Trello won’t allow you to delete boards you don’t own). Your Trello board has been completely wiped! To erase Trello boards in this manner, you must log in to the web app and not the Trello mobile app.

  • Utilizing Trello’s “Delete Boards” feature is the second method for removing boards. You must first close your Trello board, which is analogous to archiving cards (but for your boards). This is readily accomplished by selecting “More” and then “Close Board” from the “Boards” menu. Then, navigate to the Delete Board tool and choose the name of the desired board. Verify that you have administrator access to the board you wish to remove if it is not visible. Your Trello board has been erased!

Trello requires users to pass through apparently interminable hurdles to prevent unintentional removals. There are methods for erasing Trello boards, lists, and cards, despite the fact that the process can be arduous.

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