Emplifi, a unified customer experience (CX) platform provider, today launched Emplifi AI Composer, a solution that generates ready-to-publish social media copy across social platforms. The new capability is integrated within Emplifi Social Marketing Cloud and supports the OpenAI GPT-3 framework.

“Emplifi is leveraging AI technology to make it easier for marketers to curate relevant and engaging social media content tailored for their audiences,” said Emplifi Chief Technology Officer Todd McCaslin in a statement. “OpenAI GPT-3 APIs have improved software performance and accuracy with iterative query and learning capabilities that streamline tasks and deliver insights to help professionals work more intelligently.”

Emplifi AI Composer prompts social media teams to input their message instructions and select customizations, such as tone, emojis, hashtags, or questions. It then modifies and enriches this content before using the OpenAI GPT-3 framework to generate the expected ready-to-publish social media copy. Analytics and insights from campaigns can also be used to inform and improve social media strategy.

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