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Screenshot: Letterboxd/YouTube

Letterboxd, the review social media aggregator site used by film enthusiasts, celebrated Everything Everywhere All at Once becoming the platform’s highest rated film, and the film’s writer-directors joined the party.

The Daniels, the duo behind the film led by Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quan—who’ve been scooping up acting awards between the two of themmade a video to thank all the Letterboxd users, even ones who were critical of the movie, for the momentous occasion. Watch the video below to see Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan express their gratitude and react to some of the reviews.

The Daniels Read Your Letterboxd Reviews

You gotta hand it to them for taking the “bad” reviews in stride, with Scheinert calling them “a good little dose of humble pie.” They even go as far to say that the less-than-flattering reviews aren’t completely wrong; Kwan jokingly adding, “Even if the star rating is low, it’s very accurate.” Obviously, the movie is more beloved than not, as it’s garnered the highest rating on Letterboxd.

“Watch it and have fun before film Twitter tells you it’s overrated,” Kwan said, quoting one often-referenced Letterboxd reviewwhich really encapsulates the range of conversation the film has had in its online life since release. It’s an everything bagel, you could say.

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