Lotame, a customer data technology company, today launched Spherical, a data platform to accelerate first-party data.

Spherica will enable interoperability and data portability across tech stacks and extend first-party data living in data warehouses or customer data platforms (CDPs). Leading CDPs integrated with Lotame at the launch of Spherical include BlueConic, Meiro, mParticle, Rudderstack, Salesforce, Simon Data, Tealium, and Treasure Data. Lotame plans to expand support to additional CDPs on an ongoing basis.

“There’s no shortage of pain in our industry,” said Lotame CEO and Founder Andy Monfried. “Everyone wants first-party data, but not everyone has it. Many that have it don’t know how to make the most of it. Preserving addressability and data connectivity are gridlocked by a host of macro and micro issues. Spherical was designed to address these sources of pain instead of myopically focusing on symptoms.”

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