The modern office is growing increasingly dependent on online collaboration technologies. Additionally, we must establish a well-organized, central location where all project paperwork and communication resides because the modern workplace sometimes lacks a physical location altogether. 

Our clients, developers, and marketing staff may all be based in New York, Bali, and London, respectively. However, all of our records, procedures, due dates, and timetables are housed together. Ideally, they ought should. Not persuaded? Think about this According to a McKinsey Global Institute study. These three activities account for 61% of the workweek’s time:

  • examining and responding to emails
  • obtaining information by searching
  • internal dialogue and collaboration

We spend the majority of our working hours coordinating and collaborating on assignments. Software for project collaboration reduces some of the repetition and ambiguity in collaboration duties, freeing up time for work that is more role-specific.

Yes, many of us are getting by with an unwieldy combination of Google or Microsoft programs coordinated through a maze of emails. In that case, pay attention. There is a superior method.

Collaboration between external users utilizing guest invitations to a board


Smartsheet proofs make it easy for clients to approve work, remark and provide feedback to the team.


MeisterTask organized team conversations by centralizing communication into tasks.


There are distinct forums for each workplace to address these concerns.


Utilize this tool focused on cooperation to gauge the health of your teams.


A tool for a company-wide chat with video conference functionality to enhance communication


a location designated for dialogues and project-related discussions


Direct sharing of Nutcache Task progress on the project Gantt chart


Dedicated collaboration areas with access controls let you control who has access to them.


Collaboration on digital assets with a pastel focus to expedite approvals


To speed up the content generation and increase team cooperation on marketing materials.


Team-built visual boards for visual collaboration


Collaboration on Creately Canvas includes a tool for in-app video conferencing


Threaded talks in Redbooth AI-powered collaboration software help avoid misconceptions


The best tool for automating operations is Podio.

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