ProfitWheel, provider of a consumer intelligence platform that helps large enterprises unpack actionable insights on their first-party data, has launched Consumr.ai to help companies identify their consumers, what they are passionate about, the kind of content they consume, and which activities they undertake.

Consumr.AI can integrate real-time consumer behavioral signals and acts as a layer of intelligence over the largest audience-based platforms of Amazon, Meta, Google, YouTube, Programmatic, TikTok, Twitter, and Snapchat with companies’ first-party data pools. It provides deep audience insights with unique audience graphs and adheres to global privacy laws by ensuring a triple-blind data-handling standard so that ProfitWheel never has direct access to customer data and that it stays with the company that owns it.

“Consumers’ behaviors, content habits, and expectations are constantly evolving as they embrace new technologies and ways of engaging with brands,” said Gautam Mehra, co-founder and CEO of ProfitWheel, in a statement. “Systemic changes in the marketing ecosystem prompted by privacy guidelines have also resulted in very little intelligence being made available for brands to understand their audiences. At ProfitWheel, we are constantly innovating to produce pathbreaking solutions for brands to navigate through a changing environment and decode their consumers’ tastes and preferences and truly understand who they are. Consumr.ai is just one step in that direction.”

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