Asana assists teams in becoming more organized and effective in their work. The platform is a hub for creating and debating requirements, plans, timetables, tasks, assignments, and status. It’s also where you’ll keep track of your progress, issues, and triumphs.

Asana cannot focus on all parts of the software’s functions because it is constantly working to provide the finest work management experience for all of its users. Productivity can only be assumed and unconfirmed until users can measure, monitor, and make sense of their data. If you’re looking for an excellent reporting or exporting application for Asana, here are our top 5 recommendations:


Bridge24 is a sophisticated and adaptable program that gives Asana users more reporting and exporting options. Users may quickly create a Bridge24 account, connect it to their Asana account, and authorize it. 

After that, they’ll see all of their tasks in either Grid, Calendar, or Board view across all projects. You can also export tasks, subtasks, comments, and custom fields in Excel and CSV formats. 

They can also use Excel to export task history for a certain period. Asana has officially acknowledged them and listed them on their Integration page.


Grow is a business information dashboard tool that integrates with Asana. It enables real-time information and visualization. Users can gain further understanding as project information, images, and figures are provided as one of its advantages. 

They can also connect, analyze, and correlate data from their initiatives with information from various sources. It can provide the team with a better idea of where they should focus their efforts, as visual data is easier to comprehend than figures and text.


Weekdone is a web-based program that assists users with weekly and quarterly planning. It gives structure to their objectives and the activities that lead up to them. It also has an Asana integration that allows users to generate a visual report. 

Weekdone’s one-click reporting allows teams to understand and analyze their Asana project data easily. The graphics give a complete picture of the team’s productivity. It’s automated and only comes out once a week.


Klipfolio is software for creating business dashboards. Users can use it to bring all their data from various sources together and gain a clearer picture of their entire organization. 

Users can create an Asana dashboard using the integration. They provide two options for creating dashboards: pre-built data requests or custom data requests. Metrics such as project tasks can be retrieved using a pre-built request.

Users can create custom API queries and specify metrics and the period they wish to track using custom data requests.

Easy Insight

Easy Insight is business intelligence, reporting, and analytics platform available online. Users may quickly monitor dashboards and access reports using the SaaS paradigm, which requires no installation or configuration. 

Its Asana integration allows users to report on their projects’ data instantly. They can build bespoke reports and visualizations that encompass various projects, milestones, and to-do lists. It includes pre-built reports to assist customers in getting up and running quickly. 

Thanks to cross-app reporting, other data sources, such as spreadsheets and other SaaS products, can be accessed in a single dashboard.


Asana is a reliable project management tool that has aided various teams worldwide in completing their tasks. Specialized functions like dashboards, reporting, and exporting are better handled through integration with other apps as they become available to clients and businesses. 

The applications listed above are some of the most well-known and well-reviewed ones that function well with Asana. We use GPS every day in our routine life, but do you think it’s important? Visit this blog post on the importance of the GPS navigation system.


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