A Gantt chart visualizes critical project information such as tasks, allotted resources, dates, and dependencies for project teams. It allows users to keep track of a project’s progress using a layout that displays estimated and actual durations against a timeline. Users can quickly construct Gantt charts for their project plans using Gantt chart software like Instagantt.

Instagantt, on the other hand, isn’t for everyone. For those looking for a Gantt chart-oriented project management solution, we compiled this list of Instagantt alternatives.

What Is Instagantt?

Instagantt is a project management tool that uses an online Gantt chart. A program that assists users in creating project plans allows them to manage their tasks, team, and budget successfully. They can design a schedule and timeframe for each activity using click-and-drag. 

The software supports task dependencies, and users can construct them by dragging a dependence icon between taskbars. Users can utilize the baselining feature to compare actual changes to early plans.

Workload management is also included in Instagantt, so users can see what each other is working on at any one time, ensuring a balanced workload. Within the app, users can leave comments on each assignment. 

Instagantt also has a bi-directional sync with Asana, allowing users to construct Gantt charts directly from their Asana assignments. The sync ensures that changes in one project management tool are immediately reflected in the other.

Instagantt Alternatives: What to Look for

Project teams can use Instagantt to manage their project plans better, allowing them to focus on the project rather than the burden of building and updating a Gantt chart. Users looking for an alternative to Instagantt should think about the following aspects to get the same benefits:

  • Accessibility to the internet
  • Click-and-drag functionality in an intuitive interface
  • Task dependencies are supported.
  • Dates are automatically adjusted due to changes.
  • Management of tasks and subtasks
  • Critical path analysis and task tracking
  • Budgeting and costing
  • Estimating the cost of a project
  • Real-time team communication in the context of the job
  • Viewing and managing the workload
  • Calendar and board views are examples of additional work views.
  • Reports and dashboards
  • Export to PDF, Excel, and images

Best Alternatives

Instagantt is popular among teams and enterprises of all sizes because of its ease of use and high level of support. Teams looking for an alternative to Instagantt can utilize our list to identify a suitable Instagantt replacement.

Toggl Plan

Creative firms, consultancies, and implementation teams frequently utilize Toggl Plan as a project and task planning tool for their teams. With a drag-and-drop interface, users can create visual roadmaps and project timelines. Users may track their progress and receive in-app or email reminders when something in the plan changes.

Users can add color-coded milestones to Toggl Plan. Users can zoom out on a month, quarter, or year timeline for a fresh viewpoint. Mobile apps for iOS and Android, resource planning with team timelines, work management with a board view, and built-in communication are among the other features.


  • Exporting tools that are simple to use
  • Flexible perspectives and a clear project timetable
  • Customer service is excellent, and new features are added regularly.


  • Support for managing repeating tasks is lacking.
  • More integration possibilities, such as calendars and emails, are desired by users.


Float is software for resource management, planning, and scheduling. Users can quickly create, allocate, and schedule project tasks with built-in tools and editing shortcuts. Teams may add project stages, define milestones, link different tasks via dependencies, and modify timelines in this project planning tool with a single click.

For agencies, consultancies, architecture businesses, and IT services, Float is suitable. Managers may plan vacations, create custom work hours, import public holidays, and sync their calendars with other applications. Instagantt offers infinite projects and viewers and the option of adding time monitoring as a paid feature.


  • Reports with good visuals
  • It is beneficial in the organization of meetings.
  • The user interface is simple to use, and the scheduling is precise.


  • Finance and budgeting aspects need to be improved.
  • Reports need to have more possibilities.


ActiveCollab is a project management tool that allows users to keep track of their schedules and deadlines. It helps users streamline their processes by improving team management and project visibility. 

New tools and features, such as a new mobile app and built-in chat, are regularly being added to the software. There are multiple paid plans for larger teams and projects and a free plan for up to three users.

Project organization, task and subtask management, automation, and several work views — including Gantt chart, Kanban board, list, and calendar views — are all included in ActiveCollab‘s work management suite. 

It also includes remote team collaboration tools, desktop apps, time tracking, workload management, estimates, and invoicing capabilities.


  • It offers good value for money.
  • Timekeeping built-in
  • The fact that the tool is all-in-one appeals to users.


  • Users ask for more direct interaction with other apps. 
  • Additional features such as workload management cost extra.

Office Timeline

Office Timeline is a free timeline builder that can be used in Microsoft PowerPoint or online. Users can use the online timeline generator to create a variety of timelines, including Gantt charts, which they can share or download. 

Users may quickly construct professional-looking Gantt charts and invite others to collaborate via view-only links or full-edit access. Users can also construct timelines, Gantt charts, and swimlanes with Office Timeline’s free PowerPoint add-in. 

A premium Pro Edition PowerPoint add-in is available, and an annual subscription to the premium online edition. Users with the premium edition have more control over collaboration permissions and task assignments.


  • Work online or in PowerPoint using this free tool.
  • Templates that are currently available
  • Effective graphical representations


  • Users must read step-by-step lessons to get the most out of the features.
  • The number of formatting and stylistic options available can be bewildering.


Bridge24 is a project management software add-on that includes a reporting and exporting function. Asana, Trello, and Basecamp 3 are all bi-directionally integrated with this Instagantt replacement. 

It provides a variety of views, including grid, calendar, board, and Gantt chart, depending on the integration. Users can also look at task history for a whole project or just a few tasks.

Bridge24 is more than a Gantt chart app because it allows users to work on it instead of their main project management software. Users can create, amend, and delete tasks and add comments and attach project files. 

The software includes a rapid search function and multi-level grouping and sorting options. Multiple filters can be created and saved as interactive Gantt charts and customized reports. The charts and reports can be simply exported in PDF and Excel formats.


  • Integration with project management software such as Asana is direct and bidirectional.
  • Switching between views is simple.
  • Printable reports and dynamic charts with easy exporting


  • Some consumers want reports to be easy to create.
  • Only three project management software platforms are currently supported.


GanttPRO is a Gantt chart-based online project management application. It allows users to generate a Gantt chart online for better projects. It supports tasks, subtasks, milestones, and dependencies. Paid programs are also available.

GanttPRO features a drag-and-drop interface and chart creation with automation. Users may prioritize jobs, indent, and out-dent with a single click and set dependencies with a single click. 

It also supports file attachments, comments, mentions, and notifications in addition to task management. Additional board and portfolio views and project calendars, baselines, critical paths, and task management are also available.


  • Quick adoption is possible thanks to the intuitive UI.
  • Task tracking and project management
  • Reporting tools that work


  • The mobile app should be better.
  • There are certain drawbacks to using a Kanban board.


ProjectLibre is an open-source project planning tool with a similar interface to Microsoft Project and similar functionalities. It’s a free Instagantt replacement that runs on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux desktops. The program can open MS Project files and is available in various languages.

Gantt chart, network diagram, WBS chart, earned value costing, and resource histogram is all included in ProjectLibre. A cloud version is currently in testing and is excellent for managing many projects and collaborating with a team.


  • Free and open-source software
  • Ribbon menus and symbols are simple and recognizable.
  • Planning milestones and timelines


  • Gantt charts require more customization.
  • Users are eagerly anticipating the release of the collaborative cloud version.


TeamGantt is a free online Gantt chart builder with up to three users and a single project. There are also several paid subscriptions with unlimited projects and tasks. It allows users to quickly move between Gantt, board, list, and calendar views. Users can use drag-and-drop scheduling to rearrange dates, reorder tasks, and tweak deadlines in a project plan.

TeamGantt allows you to see all of your projects in one place, making it easier to spot issues. It also allows users to monitor their workloads and team availability. Users can also work together on shared papers and comment in real-time. There is a special mobile app that can be downloaded for free.


  • Simple to understand and apply
  • Add tasks, milestones, and dependencies quickly.
  • Permissions and task assignments have been thoroughly scrutinized.


  • More transparency in workload management is required.
  • It can be tough to resize diagrams.


Hygger is a project management application with a free plan that allows unlimited users and projects but has restricted storage. Paid options come with more storage, advanced features, and integrations. Multiple work views, including a board, a list, and a Gantt chart.

Hygger has goal-setting and tracking options to help you keep track of your project’s progress. Users can break down these goals into actionable strategies and graphic timeframes with our Instagantt alternative. Users can prioritize tasks based on their value and effort, and a matrix can assist them in doing so correctly.


  • An easy-to-use interface
  • Excellent customer service 
  • A good Kanban tool


  • Additional customization is required.
  • Users desire a more flexible timeline display.


Lucidchart is a diagramming program that allows users to visualize and communicate their ideas. It’s cloud-based and compatible with all major browsers on all platforms. Real-time co-authoring is supported, and communication options like in-editor chat and collaborative cursors are available.

Users may also construct Gantt charts, product roadmaps, and other plans to represent progress visually. Lucidchart is a substitute for Visio, but users can also create Gantt charts, product roadmaps, and other plans to represent progress visually. It also includes tools for mapping out requirements and dependencies, which helps keep the project on track.


  • Selection, forms, and connectors are all well-chosen.
  • Dependable service
  • Options for sharing that are beneficial


  • Users would like the ability to add comments or callouts.
  • A wider range of templates is required.

We hope that these alternatives prove useful to you and help you shift to any of these alternatives. Are you familiar with the functions of the OS? If not, then visit this blog post to learn about them.