An Operating System is a layer of software that provides rules for how applications and other programs execute. Every system needs at least one operating system in order to run other apps, but it’s not required if you’re just using your computer for web browsing or word processing purposes without playing games.

The OS is what enables you to use any computer or mobile device. Without an operating system, all of your devices are useless and can not communicate with each other in any way.

Types of Operating System (OS)

Below are the types of Operating Systems.

Batch Operating System

The computer process can take hours to complete, but those tasks are sped up with the help of batch operating systems. The user prepares their job on an offline device like punch cards and submits them all at once, so they don’t directly interact with a computer while running in this type of system.

Multitasking/Time-sharing Operating systems

The time-sharing operating system makes people able to locate at a different terminal to use a single computer system at the same time. The processor time (CPU), which is shared among multiple users, becomes known as “time sharing.”

Real-time OS

Real-time operating systems ensure that the system responds quickly and efficiently at all times. Military Software Systems, Space-based programs are an example of this type of software due to their high-level responsiveness requirements to effectively operate.

Distributed Operating System

Distributed systems use many processors located in different machines to provide very fast and scalable services that their users can use.

Network Operating System

Network Operating System or NOS is a software type that runs on the server. It provides capabilities to serve and manage data, user groups, security functions such as applications, etc.

Mobile OS

The mobile operating system market is growing, with new products and innovations coming out every day. There are many different types of smartphones to choose from. Android systems rule the roost while iOS powers Apple devices and Blackberry OS7 or WebOS on watches powered by Microsoft’s Health & Fitness division.

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