The multiplayer gaming space is today dominated by battle royale modes. In such an age, Call of Duty has garnered much appreciation and love from players of small-scale matches for its arcade-like, random action. Out of all, Black Ops: Cold War is famous as a better segment in the FPS shooter franchise. It brings up some new elements tossed traditionally.

So these new additions or changes in the Cold War series can also signify the difference between survival and death in a battle. Find out the best tips to dominate against pro players in the Cold War while abiding by the new changes. 

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  1. Use head glitch.

Head glitching is one of the most significant tactics you can use at every level of the Cold War. It’s more important when you employ a sniper. Look for the spy spots where the character’s head is visible. You will have an exposed positioning benefit.

Players maintain shields in multiplayer games when pushing against challenged positions. It increases the chances of success.

  1. Perform the jump challenge.

This tactic offers the element of surprise. It is among the oldest good FPS tactics. You can carry out the jump challenge to catch pushing players off guard and hop near corners. Jumping will disrupt your opponents’ aim, requiring more preparation. And you can hit a still target easily instead of a moving target.

  1. Hip fire and ADS.

You might be using a weapon that isn’t designed for close-range battles. In that case, your best bet is to switch to ADS. Before an opponent wins the gunfight with faster ADS, you hip fire and ADS immediately at their chest.

  1. Relocation is a must.

It’s another significant aspect that all pro-Cold War players must know to dominate the game. You must relocate or peep at a new angle after killing your first enemy.

One player will keep an eye on the spots where the teammate died. On the other hand, the one changing positions will enjoy the upper hand by the end.

However, if you find many opponent players entering, you can opt for the jump challenge and re-peep.

  1. Oppose slide firing.

Slide firing is still an effective way to make opponents’ targets hard to hit during a fight. If you are well-versed in this mechanic, use it entirely to their benefit. Continue doing it unless a balance patch emerges to resolve the problem.

You can also learn the tactic “slide cancel” to enjoy the benefits of the animation exploited during the Cold War. Let the character move harder and faster to hit by double-tapping on a slide and immediately canceling the movement.

  1. Think wisely and pre-fire.

In this extremely fast-paced game, you have no choice but to think wisely. Move forward using a cover and good perks, and maintain a steady and slow approach. It will prevent unnecessary deaths, resulting in higher scores.

As soon as you spot an enemy player, pre-fire right away. Carry it out even if a team contains a UAV. Always aim for commonly contested areas and sight lines.

It is because every weapon’s ADS animation takes a fraction of a second to start. And even a fraction of a second is enough to make a big difference in a gunfight, even for pro players. You can make up for some missed shots with pre-aiming.

  1. Remember sight lines and loose attachment slots tactfully.

Repetition is essential to improving at anything. Opponents can outclass even top-level players who need to be better equipped with it. So, identifying common peek spots and sight lines will be beneficial if you need to become more familiar with the map.

You can learn from every match and kill. Maintain a mental log of every potential spot where opponents can’t attack. It will gradually make you a better player.

On the other hand, players should choose the proper attachment for a specific play mode. It is up to you to decide what you will give up for a specialty add-on.


So these were some valuable tips to up your game in the Black Ops Cold War. However, if you are still developing your skills, you always have the scope to fight against bots.