Trello is an indispensable organizational tool for businesses and individuals worldwide. The firm surpassed 50 million users in 2019 and has big clients including as Google, UNICEF, and eBay, making it one of the most famous work management programs on the market. Yet despite its popularity – or perhaps because of it – many Trello users encounter the same recurring issues.

How To Do It?

If you’re like the usual Trello user, you have a card for nearly every item on your to-do list. Once these cards have been switched to the “Done” status, it is time to remove them. There are many ways to erase cards in Trello, depending on how many cards you wish to delete simultaneously.

To erase individual cards, they must first be archived. To archive, a card, open it by clicking on it and then pick “Archive” from the bottom right. Once a card has been archived, the “Delete” option will appear in the bottom-right menu. Trello requires a confirmation click since removing a card is irreversible and cannot be undone. If there is a possibility that you will need the card again, archiving is an excellent alternative. Obviously, a safe data backup provides continuous access to all of your data, regardless of whether you have removed it.

There’s also a Card Delete Power-Up if you’re eliminating a large number of cards (or if you plain detest clicking). This handy little Power-Up allows you to erase a card in two clicks without first archiving. Your boards have never seemed so pristine.

If you’re eliminating a few cards here and there, the previous two solutions will suffice. However, occasionally it is necessary to erase many cards simultaneously. If you’re already an advanced user of Trello, you’ve likely utilized the Bulk Actions Power-Up to view the big picture. However, did you know that you may also archive and destroy cards with the Bulk Actions Power-Up? Currently, you may archive or remove up to 70 cards simultaneously (that’s a whole day of work!). Therefore, this Power-Up is an excellent alternative to archiving and eliminating cards individually.

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