Because you can copy pretty much everything in Trello, it’s a great tool for reusing cards, checklists, lists, and boards that have already been created.


It is even possible to clone complete boards! Launch the board’s menu, go to More, and select Copy board from the drop-down menu. When we replicate a board, we will also copy the cards and the descriptions of those cards. However, neither the comments nor the activity on the cards are copied. 

If you want a “complete copy” of the board, your best choice is to copy each list separately and move it to your new board. This will give you the “whole copy” that you desire. You should also check to see whether you wish to make any changes to the board’s administrators or, alternatively, relocate the board to a different Workspace.


When you copy a list, all of the cards from that list will be copied into the new list. This includes the checklists, attachments, and comments that were originally associated with the cards. Click the context menu that appears at the top right of the list, and then select “Copy list” from the menu that appears. When a list is copied, the card descriptions, attachments, and comments will all be copied along with it. We will not replicate the history or activity on the card (like when a card was moved between lists).


While a card is open, go to the Actions section on the right sidebar and select Copy. After clicking the copy button, you will be able to give the duplicated card a name, select what aspects of the original card you want to maintain in the copy, and select a destination for the copied card. You can also copy a card by right-clicking it while in board view and selecting the copy option.

Bonus! Cards bearing checklists

You may also just duplicate the checklists that are on the cards. When you go to add a checklist, one of the options available to you is to Copy items. This option gives you the ability to copy any existing checklist that is currently on your board.

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