Influence4You is an Influencer Marketing (SAAS) Platform with more than 160,000 subscribed influencers and also provides access to 100M+ profiles all around the world. 

Influencers can register for free and start their journey as an Influencer on any social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitch, LinkedIn, Blog…) Influencers can earn money online by collaborating with brands in their niche.

Unlike, any other influencer marketing platform Influence4You has a built-in feature that detects fake followers of an influencer, thanks to the integrated tool called HypeAuditor.

Our influencer platform gives ranking all the influencers based on the number of successful collaborations completed and keep a track of the best influencers based on the ranking and to see if the influencers are serious or not. It also contains a review/ feedback for each influencer given by the brands who collaborated with them.

Since 2012, we have grown a lot and were able to build great trust with many brands like Amazon Prime video, Dior, eBay, Lego, Lacoste, and others.

Brands take advantage of our authenticity to find the right influencers (Nano/Micro, Macro, or Mega influencers) in their niche and manage the influencer campaigns effectively via Influence4You, the most complete platform on the market!

Infuence4You also benefits brands by offering various FREE chrome plugins like engagement rate calculator, Linkalyze, and more.

It is the most ergonomic and user-friendly platform. It also provides FREE support (via mail or telephone).

Influence4You is also an Influencer Marketing Agency. We help brands by promoting their products and services, managing their influencer campaign, and improving engagement as the content is launched on social media platforms.

Our Team 

Our agency has experience of launching more than 5000 campaigns across all sectors in 7 languages and in 35 countries on all social networks (Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitch, LinkedIn…)

Brands can run high-budget or simply launch gifting influencer campaigns via our platform, which allows brands to collaborate with the most appropriate influencers to optimize their budget.

  • Influence4You Advertising Agency Features: 
    • Campaign Management, 
    • Collaboration (With us brands can collaborate with influencers or Star Influencers or celebrities if needed)
    • Document Management, 
    • File Sharing, 
    • Project Management, 
    • Task Management, 
    • Time Tracking

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