Pipedrive, providers of a CRM and intelligent revenue management platform for small businesses, has revealed its product roadmap for 2023, with updates that focus on the real needs of sales professionals.

A few Pipedrive product updates planned in 2023 include the following:

  • Email and omnichannel inbox that allows multiple email account syncing for better visibility, inbox sharing, and tighter collaboration between sales reps and teams. Users can see chats from emails, WhatsApp, and Facebook in one place.
  • Automated email sequences with timely, precise follow-ups.
  • Automated assignment for distributing leads to the right owners.
  • Richer email reporting to give a better overview of engaged clients.
  • New report types (contacts, custom fields).
  • Additional visual cues.
  • The option to create quick copies of dashboards, reports, and goals.
  • Easier management of busy pipelines with flexible customizations, sorting, and deal grouping.
  • Pipeline-specific fields, field permissions, and quicker navigation.
  • Automatic field formulas and data validation.
  • Enhanced inventory management.

“We know the pains of sales professionals and their processes, and want to turn them into gains. With the changing economy, our customers are pushed to move further, and we want to ensure that our easy-to-use, smart, and effective tools help them convert challenges into business opportunities. Pipedrive’s customer-driven approach for 2023 is all about echoing the voice of our customers and helping them remain agile and thrive in this competitive environment,” said Shaun Shirazian, Pipedrive’s chief product officer, in a statement.

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