UserTesting, a provider of video-based human insight, has added test templates for the UserTesting Human Insight Platform that help retail banks build more user-friendly features and in-branch experiences, and improve how customers engage and interact across channels and devices.

From behavior and sentiment, to preference and attitude, UserTesting’s latest banking templates help users understand and build empathy for their customers and target audiences in real time. With the UserTesting templates, retail banking teams can capture direct feedback from prospects and customers at each stage of their banking journey to understand their needs, expectations, and reactions to the communications, products, and services their bank provides. New concepts and communications can also be de-risked by collecting reactions and recommendations from customers early in the planning process.

Organizations can use UserTesting’s pre-built questions as is or customize the templates to address their specific needs. Capturing feedback can be done by leveraging the UserTesting first-party, opt-in network of contributors or getting feedback directly from their own network of customers, partners, and employees.

“Consumers today have a broad array of choices when it comes to who they conduct their banking and other financial transactions with. Ensuring that retail banks are delivering the experiences that will keep customers engaged and happy is the reason for these new templates,” said Janelle Estes, chief insights officer of UserTesting, in a statement. “Access to human insight guides retail banks in creating banking experiences that meet the needs of their customers and ensure they continuously improve to keep customers happy and loyal.”

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