Zoho CRM is a widely used customer relationship management (CRM) platform with a heavy emphasis on lead generation, sales acceleration, and performance measurement. It makes extensive use of artificial intelligence (AI), and its business intelligence capabilities can enable distributed teams to accomplish more together. Advanced solutions such as Zia, the AI-powered assistant, provide great lead and deal forecasts to identify the most likely consumers to convert, enabling sales teams to concentrate their efforts in the most effective manner. The user-friendly platform interacts with hundreds of popular apps and software, making it simple for any business, even those in the healthcare industry who must maintain HIPAA compliance, to create a customized CRM.


  • From the CRM, you may conduct team meetings and client presentations.
  • You can configure notifications to notify remote employees when new leads contact your organization.
  • The platform is intuitive and requires no in-office training.


  • Standard help is only offered on weekdays. No plan includes Premium or Enterprise assistance without an additional fee.
  • Many of the best features are dependent on Zia AI, which is exclusive to the Enterprise and Ultimate tiers.
  • Numerous services, such as email notifications and webhooks, are subject to daily limitations.


Due to the flexibility to instantly flip between classic, personalized, and custom homepage views, Zoho’s dashboard is user-friendly. The upper navigation bar places a number of sales-related tasks, notifications, and features at your fingertips, but you can also add and rearrange page elements to fit your needs. On the salesperson’s customized homepage, the day’s open tasks and leads are prioritized.

The “Feeds” notification module is one of the additional helpful features that are easily available from the main menu. You can communicate with distant team members and exchange your perspectives to expedite decision-making as if you were all in the same office. Additionally, it will tell you whenever a change is made to a relevant lead or deal that you are watching. This area, when utilized appropriately, acts as both a system of record and a collaboration place, ensuring that distant team members are always on the same page with the same information.

You can also utilize the Canvas design studio tool for building modular dashboards to develop custom solutions for yourself and other departments within your corporation. Users can choose from a gallery of templates designed by authorized designers or peruse Zoho’s directory of design partners to generate a custom solution. The drag-and-drop system offers an infinite number of homepage configurations, so it won’t take long to create a custom solution for your organization. After creating your CRM dashboard, you may save it and share it with your team, department, division, or organization.

Zoho CRM Cost

Zoho offers monthly and annual pricing that is transparent. There are four service package options available. Each subscription tier includes a free trial period. Zoho’s free version for up to three users includes salesforce automation capabilities for leads, contacts, calendars, accounts, deals, tasks, and events, among others. The Standard bundle includes everything in the free version as well as additional features, and each subsequent tier contains everything in the bundles that came before it.


  • Standard pricing is $14 per user per month for annual billing
  • Additional capabilities include automated workflows, custom dashboards, bulk emails, lead scoring, sales forecasts, email insights, reminders, 50 custom modules, and 1 GB of file storage.


  •  $23 monthly per user when invoiced annually
  • Additional capabilities include real-time sales alerts, blueprint business processes, inventory management, validation criteria, web-to-case forms, and data storage of up to 10GB.

Enterprise (most popular)

  • Pricing is $40 per month per user when invoiced annually
  • Additional capabilities include Zia AI, a customer journey command center, a Canvas visual CRM view, powerful customization, a mobile software development kit and mobile device management, as much as 15GB of data storage, and multiuser portals.


  •  $52 monthly per user when invoiced annually
  • Additional highlights: Superior business intelligence and analytics software, 5 GB of file storage, up to 30 GB of data storage, and higher feature limits across the system.

Basic, Classic, Premium, and Enterprise customer service plans are available from Zoho. The Classic plan is free and offers eight hours of live chat and five days of toll-free assistance. The Premium option, which costs 20% of the license charge, includes remote assistance, product onboarding, setup assistance, and five-day-a-week, 24-hour support. The Enterprise option costs 25% of your licensing fee and offers help within an hour, 24 hours per day, seven days per week. In addition, you will have access to a technical account manager and quarterly reports containing recommendations.

Zoho’s extensive array of customer resources includes free training webinars and paid courses for administrators, developers, sales representatives, and sales managers. In addition, there are e-books, step-by-step instructions, helpful suggestions, and a self-service request portal. Additionally, you can request a concierge to serve as a tailored counselor for any inquiries.

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