Folders in Wrike help keep your digital workplace more organized. In a few simple steps, you may share your Wrike folders and their contents with other users on your account. Here, we will demonstrate how to share folders within Wrike.

How to Share a New Folder in Wrike

Wrike allows you to share a newly created folder as it is being made. The share choices are accessible under Sharing on the create prompt, which is displayed whenever a new project or folder is created.

When sharing a new folder, you have two options: You may share with the entire team, or you can share with particular individuals or groups.

How to share Wrike folders with your entire team

The first option is to share a new folder with all newly added account members.

To access a list of all users associated with your Wrike account, navigate to Account management > Users.

To open the create prompt, create a new folder in your Wrike workspace. Choose Shared with my team under the Sharing options. Then, in the lower-left corner, click Create.

This will validate the selected sharing settings and return you to your workspace, where you will find the new folder.

How to share Wrike folders with specific users

The second option is to manually choose the recipients of the shared folder. Select the Users and groups option when creating a folder. After this is chosen, the user and group selectors will show below it. This cannot be modified; by default, your account will show as one of the people having access to the folder.

To add more users and groups, click the plus sign (). This displays a search bar that may be used to locate people and groups. Otherwise, you can choose from the choices that display by default in the overlay.

Once a selection has been made from the overlay, the overlay will disappear, and an icon representing the user or group you choose will show next to your own. This specifies that the new folder will be shared with the specified user or group. And you may repeat this process to share your new folder with others, i.e., click the plus sign, search for the person or group, and pick.

Again, click the Create button, and your new folder will appear in your workspace. Each of the users you specified during folder creation will have access to the newly created folder.

How to Share an Existing Folder in Wrike

To share existing folders on Wrike, browse to the desired folder first. A button positioned in the upper-right corner of the screen provides access to the folder’s sharing options.

If the folder has never been shared with other users, the option to view its sharing settings will be labeled Private. If the folder has been shared with other users, the word Shared will appear.

Once you click the button, the Share folder prompt will appear. If the folder has been previously shared with other people, their names will appear under Shared with. Click on the search bar to share the folder with other individuals or groups. This will generate a list of suggested users and groups, including your complete team; alternatively, you may begin entering the name of a user or group and select the choice that appears. By selecting the option, the individual or group will be added to your Shared with the list.

When you click Save, the folder’s contents will revert to their original state. If a previously private folder has been shared with one or more other users or groups, the symbol for the folder’s share options will change from Private to Shared. Aside from this alteration, the folder’s look will remain the same.

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