The operating system is the soul of every computer, and it helps coordinate all pieces of hardware to work together. It also handles system resources so your program’s tasks can be completed accordingly.

The operating system (OS) helps to make sure that everything from typing in a word processor or playing video games such as Call of Duty runs smoothly. Without the OS, your computer won’t be able to do anything for you!

Here are the best Operating Systems for a gaming PC:

Windows 10

In 2021, Microsoft will stop providing security updates for Windows 7 and XP. By that time, they are also obsolete as the most widely used operating system in use today is Windows 10, which has already surpassed 8 million installs within just two months of being released!

When it comes to choosing an OS (operating system), Windows 10 is by far one of the most popular options. With its stability and security features that will be available indefinitely into perpetuity, users don’t have much reason not to choose Microsoft’s flagship product first before moving on to anything else, which makes sense considering how many years they’ve been around!


The second most popular and no doubt widely used operating system is macOS. Unlike Windows, it is not compatible with all devices and officially only works on Apple hardware. While installing macOS on a regular PC is possible, the performance will likely become worse and include symptoms such as stuttering or crashing. At its core, MacOS offers an intuitive experience that many games are designed around. 


Linux may hold 3rd place in the operating system market, but it’s only a fraction when compared to macOS or Windows. The most common difference between Linux and its two main competitors is that it’s open-source and completely free while also being much more complicated than either of those platforms, with greater customization options available at your fingertips if you know how through C Programming language commands. 

However, as Linux is open-source, numerous variations of this OS make it more user-friendly. For instance, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and Pop!_OS, to name a few.

One of the most popular computer operating systems in use today, Linux provides gamers with many opportunities to play their favorite games. More and more publishers are releasing titles for this OS as developers continue updating it so that they can offer an optimal experience on any device type or screen size while also supporting all major input devices, including gamepads (joysticks) mouse & keyboards).

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