To better grasp the production capacity required to meet varying needs for its products and services, industrial enterprises might benefit from using capacity planning software, a programmable solution.

Regarding capacity management, design capacity is the greatest quantity of work a company can complete in a particular time frame. 

An effective capacity is the most work that can be done in a given time frame, notwithstanding limitations like quality issues, delivery times, material handling, personnel shortages, etc.

Key Features

Manage projects: You can’t perform capacity planning without a way to keep tabs on what your team is up to.

Activity Management:  It enables you to delegate work and monitor progress.

Time-Monitoring: You can better price your services and gauge the capacity of your supply chain if you have an innovative idea of how long it takes to execute a certain task with the resources at your disposal.

Allocation of resources—You should be able to pinpoint bottlenecks in your workflow and use those findings to serve your customers better.

Business Intelligence (BI) – the solution should provide business intelligence by arranging your company’s data in tidy reports so you can easily analyze the indicators and make reliable projections about resource use and profitability.

Monday is a flexible system that gives managers complete freedom to develop their capacity planning tool. In addition, the intuitive UI of the tool makes it simple to tailor the tool’s modules and integrations to your business needs.

Using Monday, you may plan your future moves, allocate your team’s resources, evaluate their potential, and automate your processes. This solution’s flexibility is a major strength since it allows you to modify it to meet the specific requirements of your business.

Using the tool’s time projection features, you may calculate an approximate completion date for a project based on the available resources. In addition, the time it takes to complete various tasks is also displayed, providing useful information for setting fees.

You can accurately assess your team’s current and future capabilities using Monday’s powerful project management and forecasting features.

Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Slack & many more may all be used in tandem with Monday.

Monthly pricing for using Monday starts at $6-7 per user. A free, two-user version of the platform is available indefinitely. The premium version is available for a free 2-week trial.


Using the Saviom capacity planning system, you can centralize all of your data and eliminate data silos by tracking and managing your organization’s resource needs in one place. 

Businesses can use this to predict resource shortages and surpluses and take preventative action. Saviom’s capabilities allow users to manage pipelines, benches, and projected finances and predict capacity vs. demand and utilization.

With this software, you can plan how to use your resources and increase productivity by shifting employees from low-value tasks to higher-value, revenue-generating projects. It provides information on open projects and available resources to reduce the frequency of hiring and firing. 

Are you interested in a financial discussion? Saviom allows you to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) in real-time, including costs, revenues, profit margins, projection vs. actuals, and more.

Saviom can import and export data to and from other programs, including Salesforce, Microsoft Excel, SAP, etc. It provides a free 30-day trial and price information upon request.

Resource Guru

To better organize your time, energy, and resources, try using Resource Guru. In a matter of seconds, you may delegate tasks using the intuitive drag-and-drop interface; the app’s design is centered around the principle of minimalism.

There are two features in the program that many users find hilarious. The first is conflict management, which ensures that no one is overbooked or forced to work extra hours by considering everyone’s shifts, projects, and vacations. The other option is to put your name on a waiting list. 

With this function, your resources will never be overworked because it monitors and controls allocation.

Last but not least, robust reports offer visibility into team utilization rates and capacity, revealing where time is spent and how much more work may be done. The team can then have these reports automatically prepared and sent over email.

Directly, Resource Guru works with Outlook and Google Calendar, and indirectly, it connects to tens of thousands of other apps through Zapier.

Their plans are based on martial arts and cost as little as $2.50 per user per month with a 1-month free trial.


Mosaic is an advanced capacity planning tool that can significantly increase your business’s profits and output. Capacity planning is just one of the many services they provide; others include resource planning, workload forecasting; workforce reporting; project accounting; time tracking; and project management.

Executives, consultants, & individual contributors can all work together without the hassle and feel they have full control over their key performance indicators because of the tool’s high degree of collaboration. 

In addition, Mosaic is a stunning interface that displays real-time information on who is working on what and when.

Utilizing Mosaic’s AI-enhanced resource management tools, you can monitor, report, and forecast using intelligent systems that analyze your data and provide useful insights for scheduling your staff in the future.

Mosaic can be used with your current accounting system or enterprise resource planning (ERP) to facilitate comprehensive project and portfolio planning. 

The visual workload heatmap, material requirements, intelligent project team builder, visual organization charts, individualized business intelligence dashboards, automated scheduling, and unified communication hub are all aspects worth mentioning.

Mosaic can sync with multiple enterprise resource planning (ERP) and financial management systems, bringing in essential information such as project accounting, budget, and time entry. 

This allows for a more specific project and staffing planning, strategic hiring, and productive task management.

Mosaic can communicate with many other programs, including Quickbooks, Asana, Salesforce, Jira, Workday, SAP, & Oracle.

The 2-week free trial that comes with MosaicMosaic is a testament to the service’s affordability, simplicity, and transparency in pricing. There are three different annual pricing tiers available.

  • The annual cost of the Team Plan is $9.99 per user.
  • Pricing for businesses: $14.99/month per user, payable annually
  • Professional: Tailored Packages for Teams of 100 or More