Everything you need to know about different proposal management products, including prices, features, integrations, and demo videos and screenshots, is included in this comprehensive evaluation.

See below for a rundown of the top RFP project management software and cost information, feature lists, and screenshots.

Reading this post, you can rapidly compare and analyze various RFP response technologies, such as proposal management software.

Streamlining your RFP process can be done with the help of a proposal app, which will be discussed in this piece. 

In this post, we’ll review some of the most useful RFP tools, focusing on those that provide various Proposal Management Software


With over 2.5 million users worldwide, Wrike is the go-to proposal management software for organizations of all sizes. Intuitive project management features in Wrike aid your sales teams in efficiently meeting even the most stringent requirements for submitting proposals.

Tasks, subtasks, folders, and dashboards are all included in this management program. You can adjust any part to fit the requirements of your specific proposal, guaranteeing that you’ll always submit on time and with all the correct data.

Constructing a proposal that wins approval from the client can be a strenuous and time-consuming process. Wrike streamlines the proposal process by facilitating teamwork, organizing activities and information, and automating the approval process for proposal items. 

In addition, teams and individuals can customize Wrike’s dashboard and to-do list to suit their needs better.

Wrike’s straightforward UI makes it easy for team members to identify what’s most important, where they stand in completing tasks and provide in-context comments on items like photos and PDFs.

As a result, Wrike ensures that teams reduce email by as much as 91% and eliminates the need for them to transfer between several applications, thereby saving valuable time. 

Although Wrike is intuitive, it also has a robust community and online support center where you can get interactive training, videos, a ‘getting started guide, and more.

Wrike is a project management and collaboration platform that also provides its users with a library of customizable proposal development templates that can be used to streamline the whole proposal lifecycle from inception to final approval. 

Use customized reports and Gantt charts to demonstrate the proposal’s implementation. There are several pricing tiers to choose from, from the bare-bones free deck to premium plans allowing external collaborators to join a paid account for free.

The proposal process will be aided by Wrike’s robust set of over 410 connectors, allowing team members to connect with Microsoft, Slack, Google, and Dropbox.

In addition, proposals can be strengthened by using sales and marketing technologies like Salesforce and Marketo as examples of past work and proof of your capacity to perform as promised.


The form builder in Formstack is the hub of its workflow management capabilities. There are over two hundred different pre-made company forms to choose from in their extensive collection of proposal templates.

This document workflow software is ideal for smaller organizations as a sort of “one-stop-solution” for administrative tasks. It has a higher price per user than many other workflow systems, but if your processes require a lot of documentation, the time you save using the included templates is more than the cost.

Some workflows can be automated with the use of Formstack’s features, such as the ability to accept payments and automatically send collected data to the appropriate persons. 

An intuitive visual representation of your data and key performance indicators is provided by the dashboard, and even in the most basic plans, you have access to graphical reports that you can tailor to your specific needs, allowing you to evaluate your campaigns based on factors like new views, conversion percentage, & backlog percentages.

One drawback of using Formstack for workflow management, in particular, is that many of the better workflow features are locked behind the Gold plan’s ($83/month for 5 users) paywall. However, cheaper, feature-lite versions are also available.

Formstack connectors include commercial services like Salesforce, PayPal, Slack, ZenDesk, & others.


For teams of any size, PandaDoc’s comprehensive features and user-friendly interface make it the ideal document automation solution. In addition, their template and editing features help users generate proposals, dynamic quotes, and contracts.

With PandaDoc’s freemium plan, you can save unlimited documents, request a total number of electronic signatures, and accept complete payments. 

Document templates and a sophisticated media drag-and-drop editor are only the beginning of what you’ll have access to if you upgrade to the premium Essentials plan. This strategy includes both pricing tables & document analytics, offering a solid foundation from which to expand.

As long as you have a Zapier account, you can connect PandaDoc with a wide variety of other online services, including HubSpot CRM, Zoho HR, Microsoft Dynamics, & Gmail, and Google Sheets. 

Please be aware that some of these connections, such as those with Zapier, are only available to Premium paid users.

The lack of even basic automation in the editor is a drawback to keep in mind. For example, rather than having an “add to all” button, you have to manually add fields to each page by dragging and dropping them there.


HoneyBook is a small business cloud-based CRM service. Simply said, it’s a piece of software that simplifies the invoicing and inquiry phases of running a small business. 

HoneyBook facilitates the administration of tasks such as client scheduling, document creation and signing, invoicing, and payment processing.

HoneyBook is an all-in-one project management solution that is a central repository for associated documents like contracts, invoices, and more.

Clients receive prompt responses from users thanks to automated follow-ups based on custom notifications and template sets. Depending on the project, you can also set up automatic payment reminders and task reminders.

Users of all stripes, including artists, entrepreneurs, freelancers, hoteliers, doctors, and therapists, can benefit from HoneyBook’s client booking, organizational, and process-streamlining features.

HoneyBook is a fully functional mobile app with a sleek and straightforward layout, letting business owners take care of company affairs wherever they may be.

Lead capture, Project management, client management, templates, brochures, questionnaires, and accounting are just some of the capabilities that can be accessed with this program.

HoneyBook is compatible with a wide variety of programs and services. Its cheapest plan costs $10 per month and offers a free trial for the first week for the U.S./Canada exclusively.

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