Notion is widely used by teams who want a single tool to plan, communicate, write, and organize their work. By taking notes, assigning tasks, and managing projects using Notion’s online solution, teams boost their efficiency.

The program gives users a variety of tools, similar to building blocks, with which they may develop bespoke layouts for their particular project specifications. To develop their project wiki, they can begin with a blank page. Notion allows you to create a searchable database of many sorts of material, such as office regulations, corporate objectives, and personnel contact information. A drag-and-drop interface allows a team to customize the layout of their page to their liking.

Top Notion Tutorials

Notion software provides an all-in-one workspace solution by combining functionalities present in other business applications. It eliminates the requirement to subscribe to several tools that are already included in Notion. The program is both user-friendly and adaptable. Additionally, it is simple to locate tutorials on how to utilize Notion in user community forums. To assist you, we have compiled a list from which you may choose the finest Notion tutorial to get started.

1. Beginner’s Guide to Notion

This article from The Sweet Setup provides information about Notion’s capabilities, including an explanation of the tool’s blocks and workspace organization. In addition, the paper provides templates for constructing apps such as a habit tracker, a to-do list, a project manager, and a weekly planner. It continues with further tips, tactics, and disadvantages for maximizing the software’s benefits. The author concludes by commenting on the app’s claim based on his own experience. The tutorial consists primarily of text, but the procedures are covered in detail to provide users with a solid understanding of what Notion can accomplish.

2. How to Use Notion: Day One

This tutorial from The Leadership Journal addresses the very first stage of how to begin writing from scratch. It cautions the reader that this is not a tutorial that will teach them how to use the program at an expert level. But it will help users get started from the moment they download the app to a device or sign up for an account on the website. The lesson guides readers through each screen until they reach a blank workspace. In the meanwhile, he recommends novices to save templates for when they have a clear understanding of what they wish to do.

3. Notion Tutorial Videos contains brief Notion lesson movies demonstrating various Notion capabilities and tips. Approximately a dozen episodes can range in duration from 3 to 20 minutes, which is great for the busy professional. Quick hints, workspaces and tables, layout and design, and the creation of custom templates are covered.

4. The Complete Guide to Getting Started with Notion

This extensive lesson from the RadReads blog explains how to utilize Notion. The training is divided into thirteen subjects with brief explanations, bullet points, and images. Some include animated pictures and films that demonstrate the many aspects of the software. The Notion lesson begins with an introduction, followed by a software installation, sidebar navigation, and a discussion of blocks, pages, and tables. The information also contains connections to relevant videos and websites.

5. Notion Video Tutorial

Thomas Frank, a productivity fanatic, has posted an additional Notion instructional on YouTube. This 25-minute instructional video walks viewers through Frank’s Notion setup. This is a genuine use case, where he utilizes the program to organize, plan, and execute his film production process. Ideal for sophisticated users, such as content writers, who can learn more about how the author combines many elements. A link offers a template for a video tracker application.

6. Notion Help and Support

Notion’s Help & Support website is the place to go for information on the app’s capabilities. It offers classified information that is easily accessible to users. Training videos for Notion are accessible to both novice and experienced users. There are connections to popular resources and FAQs on this page. It enumerates themes that introduce the program to new users and provides in-depth explanations for each of its functions. This website is the ideal location to obtain first-hand knowledge on how to utilize Notion.

7. Beginner’s Guide Notion Tutorial Video

This Notion training video was created by the Keep Productive team to familiarise users with the application and demonstrate how to incorporate it into their daily routine. It is intended for novice users of the program. Notion is not difficult to use, but it begins with a blank screen and a flickering cursor, which sometimes frightens inexperienced users. The movie explains the software’s tools and capabilities, including workspaces, templates, and layouts.

8. An Introduction to Notion

For those who would rather not watch video instruction, Keep Productive has devoted an entire website to a full explanation and other connections to useful resources regarding the Notion program. This manual describes the program, its operation, and the characteristics of the various building pieces. The manual includes screenshots and provides a free PDF tutorial on how to use Notion.

9. Getting Started with Notion

How to Begin with Notion Pages provides a short tutorial on how to use the application with just the perfect amount of information for novice users. The lesson presents the web-based application and demonstrates how it may assist professionals in organizing everything using a single application. It includes instructions on installing the program, responding to prompts, customizing the home screen, and getting started with blocks.

Are you prepared to begin your Notion productivity-enhancing tutorial and training?

Notion empowers teams and professionals to arrange their work in an adaptable and straightforward manner. The program increases productivity by providing the user with additional possibilities to work in the manner of his or her choosing on a single platform with all the required tools. Tutorials for Notion offer users how to get started and do more with the assistance and support they require.

Recommended Project Administration Software

If you are interested in learning more about highly-regarded project management software, the editors of recommend the following:


Work OS is an open platform that connects teams together and provides them with custom-built solutions to break down communication barriers, advance projects, and better align everyone involved. On a single platform, you can easily access all of the progress reports, budget approvals, and other important documents, and you can quickly assess where your team’s work now stands. Accessing critical information on enables you to make smarter, more data-driven choices in a shorter amount of time, regardless of whether you are at home, at the office, or on the move without wifi.

2. Jira

Jira is software for agile project management that is utilized by development teams for the purposes of planning, tracking, and releasing software. It is a widely used tool that was developed expressly for agile teams and is utilized by those teams. Users can not only build stories, plan sprints, track issues, and ship up-to-date software, but they can also generate reports that assist improve teams and designing their own processes. Other features include generating stories, planning sprints, tracking issues, and shipping updated software. It connects with various technologies that provide teams the ability to manage their projects and products from start to finish because it is a component of Atlassian. Jira Software was designed to allow any individual in a software development team to plan, track, and distribute high-quality software. The process of releasing software is different for each and every team. Make use of a pre-made workflow or develop your own to accommodate the processes used by your team.

3. GanttPRO

XB Software Ltd., a privately held full cycle software development firm, is the creator of the GanttPRO project management software. It began operations in 2008 with a group of five seasoned software developers as its core personnel. They created the user-friendly project management application known as GanttPRO in the year 2015. More than 700,000 project managers across the world are currently making use of GanttPRO in their work.