Kore.ai, a conversational artificial intelligence and platform solutions company, is partnering with mParticle, provider of an AI-native customer data platform, to deliver an AI-first natural language processing (NLP)-based search engine and intelligent chatbots that personalize shopping experiences for retail customers.

The partnership will enable businesses with digital shopping interfaces to deploy NLP search assistants and intelligent chatbots powered with customer insights. Intelligent chatbots can be deployed on websites, mobile apps, and in-store kiosks to drive better personalization and improve efficiencies through natural language-based product discovery and search, placing orders and reorders, abandoned cart reminders, tracking and fulfillment of orders, pricing and promotions, returns, and self service support.

“Brands are increasingly realizing the power of personalization across the company, beyond marketing,” said mParticle Chief Product Officer Chee Chew, in a statement. “Conversational AI has made great advances in understanding what a customer says. With the full 360 customer profile data and AI data platform that mParticle brings to this partnership, we will help conversational AI get the right answer for each individual customer.”

“Digital marketplaces are discovering the transformative power of conversational AI in enhancing the shopping experience through personalized customer interactions and product recommendations,” said Kore.ai CEO and Founder Raj Koneru in a statement. “We are thrilled that Kore.ai and mParticle are joining forces to deliver personalized digital and voice chatbots that will provide an exceptional shopping experience to all customers, no matter their channel of choice.”

“Personalization can benefit consumers by helping them select the most suitable products, verify compatibility, and access coupons to drive loyalty leading to improved customer experience, increased revenue and reduced returns,” said Gopinath Polavarapu, Kore.ai’s senior vice president and general manager, in a statement. “mParticle plays a crucial role by providing one of the most comprehensive and efficient platforms for aggregating and managing customer data based on factors such as demographics, spending profiles, preferences and transaction histories. This partnership will help to enable personalized shopping experiences at scale, from search to purchase, and coupon redemption to returns.”

Kore.ai is also launching RetailAssist, a conversational commerce assistant solution for the retail industry. RetailAssist enables retail and ecommerce companies to modernize, scale, and transform operations by building competencies around self-service automation, personalization, omnichannel fulfillment, and 24/7 pre-/post-sales service and support. The solution also acts as an employee intelligent virtual assistant to help retailers with onboarding, day-to-day operations, and customer support.

The Kore.ai RetailAssist solution leverages language models like GPT-3, the technology behind ChatGPT, to help customers find the right products, get self-service support, check product compatibility, get the order status, returns, manage appointments in web and mobile apps and provide recommendations to customers based on their spend profile, demographics, geography, inventory availability, web and social profiles.

RetailAssist smart contact center automation helps automate voice and digital interactions for self-service and live assisted customer support operations in stores and contact centers while helping agents with their own intelligent virtual assistant for suggested responses, next-best actions, action fulfillment, and post-interaction wrap summaries.

The RetailAssist employee assistant is an AI-chatbot that informs workers about everything happening in the store, whether it is customers waiting on curbside, someone looking for help from an expert in the store, as well as enabling upselling and cross selling of products and services. It is also pre-trained to handle employees’ HR, administrative, IT, and operations-related queries and comes with out-of-the-box integrations with many retail enterprise applications.

“Personalization for web and mobile apps should be a top priority to transform online shopping experiences,” Polavarapu said. “Kore.ai has built an intelligent AI-native chatbot that allows consumers to search and discover products while simultaneously asking intricate questions to personalize the right products and services based on their customer profile, inventory status and promotions.”

“RetailAssist is one of the most comprehensive offerings, bringing together competencies that enable our retail clients to innovate and scale their digital self service use cases faster,” Koneru said. “With the ability to offer conversational intelligent virtual assistants that support the customer journey from start to finish, the solution empowers retailers to tap into the AI-powered conversational commerce today.”

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