Who Is the Father of Modern Computer Technology?

Who Is the Father of Modern Computer Technology?

 ‌The father of modern computer technology was Alan Turing. He was a British mathematician and logician who helped break the German Enigma code during World War II. His work on early computers laid the groundwork for future advancements in computing, including artificial intelligence and machine learning.‌ ‌

American mathematician and electrical engineer Howard Aiken is also considered the father of modern technology. He lived from 1892-1974. He developed one of the first computers in history called Harvard Mark I at Harvard University. This machine helped scientists calculate ballistic trajectories for artillery shells.  ‌

Charles Babbage has also played a vital role in today’s modern technology. He invented the first mechanical computer called “The Difference Engine” that could do calculations automatically with steam power. He lived from 1815-1895, but the Difference Engine wasn’t finished until 1991, when they built one from his original plans. It took over 100 people working on it for ten years to complete it.

Computer Technology Then ‌ ‌

In the 1990s, computers were used in wars. The computer was a new tool in the 1990s that helped people fight wars more efficiently and effectively and help soldiers communicate with each other. They also helped scientists study weather patterns and predict future events like hurricanes or tornadoes, but it was not so accurate at that time.

Computer Technology Now ‌

In the 2020s, computers are also being used for many other purposes such as entertainment, work, education, and whatnot. You can use your computer to do anything you want. There are so many ways you can use it, like high sequenced calculations, solving complicated problems, designing algorithms, and making all the machines artificially intelligent.

All of the great scientists in the 90s played a huge role in making technology what it is today. We should thank these people whenever technology makes our lives easier. ‌

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