Do you have questions regarding the process of exporting data from Trello? You will not be able to convert your Trello boards into an Excel sheet unless you subscribe to Trello’s Business Class; however, you will be able to export the data you have stored in Trello into a JSON format if you choose to do so.

In this article, we will walk you through the three simple steps required to export data from Trello into a JSON format so that you can use it elsewhere.

Step 1

In Trello, navigate to the Board Menu on the right side of the screen, and then click on the More option.

Step 2

Select both Print and Export from the menu.

Step 3

You then have the option of clicking the Print button to print it or the Export JSON button to export the data from the board in the JSON format.

Are you exporting your data from Trello because you do not find that the platform is useful for either you or your team (if you are using it for business purposes)? Many users of Trello have voiced their dissatisfaction with the platform’s limited visibility as the reason why they no longer utilize it.

  • It is difficult to stay organized because you might have so many cards that it is messy, and you are unable to search across boards.
  • You are unable to add tags to your items, and users are unable to personally view their tasks to ensure maximum productivity. 
  • All of these factors contribute to the fact that it is difficult to maintain an organization.
  • It contains an excessive number of distracting “fun” features and an insufficient number of professional functions, such as reports or data, it is not usually ideal for use in a professional setting.

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