In 2003, two individuals named Brian and Andy took a look at Brian’s trustworthy red-tailed Golden Retriever, and so was born a company name.

Today, the dog-friendly business is called Redtail CRM, and it is one of the several products produced by Redtail Technology.

Redtail CRM began as a tiny business with only a few adviser clients. It evolved into a sizable Customer Relationship Management platform, providing financial services to thousands of advisers.

By using Redtail CRM, we were able to sustain our rapid development and give superior service to our clients.

According to one of Redtail’s clients, this is how the platform is described.

From its workflow procedures to its mobile application, Redtail promises to give financial professionals with 24/7 access to their clients and client information.

Who Is Redtail CRM For?

Redtail’s clientele includes Heron Wealth, a New York City-based wealth advice business.

When asked why David, the creator of Heron Wealth, picked Redtail, he stated:

I hoped to render myself irrelevant inside my own organization in the long term. That is possible only if each team member has the same level of knowledge about clients as I do.

Redtail CRM is intended for use by financial advisers such as Heron Wealth. Businesses that sustain consistent year-over-year expansion require a means of maintaining scale.

Businesses with vast amounts of important data that are only accessible to a select few.

What Redtail CRM gives businesses like the ones stated above is improved organization and total transparency, which alleviates their teams’ struggle to execute their best work.

A customer such as Heron Wealth may discover that they lack a feature-rich platform capable of storing all of their client information.

With the proper CRM in place, Heron Wealth’s whole staff now has access to important information and works more efficiently.

The Advantages Of Redtail CRM

According to a current client, the primary benefit of Redtail CRM is the following:

The assurance that nothing will fall through the cracks.

Redtail CRM includes an abundance of incredible capabilities that enable complete teams to perform more efficiently.

Workflows and Reporting are features that guarantee work processes are completed efficiently and on schedule.

Alternatively, there is the Seminars function, which enables you to schedule and manages external and internal events.

On the plus side, the CRM integrates with third-party services such as Redtail imaging, email management, and archiving.

The CRM is constantly updated and enhanced based on user requirements. As a result, it is gradually becoming more practical and user-friendly.

If you want assistance, the support team is always there to provide comprehensive assistance. The CRM is also quite reasonably priced, especially when you consider the high level of service.

According to Redtail CRM reviews, the platform is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a simple user interface that provides easy access to your calendar, contacts, and reports. Everything is accessible with a single click, which is critical for any salesman.

The Features Of Redtail CRM

The Redtail crew has truly considered practically everything. It’s unsurprising that thousands of financial advisers like and rely on Redtail on a daily basis.

There are plenty of excellent characteristics to discover and utilize when it comes to functioning quickly and properly. The following are the key characteristics that distinguish Redtail CRM as one of the best and most versatile CRMs on the market:


Workflows are repeated procedures that are triggered by certain circumstances. These events might be external in nature, such as a customer meeting or review, or internal in nature, such as staff onboarding or training.

In a word, workflows guarantee that each new customer or employee receives enough training and management, ensuring that nothing goes through the cracks.

The Redtail CRM enables you to create automated procedures that are identical to those already in use in your clinic. You may create a thorough Workflow that serves as a road map for both you and the workplace.

Within a Workflow, Steps may be created, and within those Steps, Tasks can be created.

To illustrate, consider your Workflow as a tour of America’s Wonders. Your initial step should be to the Grand Canyon. Take Photographs, Visit the Gift Shop, and Walking the Rim are the assigned tasks.

Similarly, when designing a Workflow for, say, Onboarding, the First Step would be Contact data, followed by Tasks for Contact photos, Contact Details, Email addresses, and Phone numbers.

When developing a Workflow, you have an infinite amount of features at your disposal, including the following:

  • Create a Workflow by modifying an existing template or by creating your own.
  • Assign tasks to specific individuals or teams.
  • Each of the Steps and Tasks should have a due date.
  • Change the name, owner, category, target date, and/or description of a Workflow.
  • View Step due to determine where you are now falling behind.
  • Today’s Workflow Tasks are displayed.
  • Active Workflow may be viewed here.
  • Select which Workflow should be displayed on the page.
  • Add new contacts to the Workflow by selecting them.
  • Download the Workflow as a printable PDF file.
  • Workflows can be deleted.


Possessing data and effectively utilizing it are two distinct concepts. Redtail CRM can assist you in combining those two items into a single useful report.

By utilizing CRM Reports, you can maximize your efficiency and improve the customer experience.

The CRM enables you to build reports on a variety of topics, from accounts and contacts to transactions and workflows. These reports enable you to monitor staff productivity, reward clients for referrals, and much more.

Additionally, you’ll have the option of exporting your reports as an Excel file or a PDF document.


The Calendar function is undoubtedly one of the most frequently visited regions.


Because it enables you to remain on top of everyone’s schedules.

Redtail’s Calendar is identical to any other calendar you may have used previously. The business did not invent the wheel. They just took your standard calendar and enhanced it with a slew of new features.

The following are the most prominent features accessible on your Calendar inside Redtail:

  • Calendar-based activities may be added straight from the Calendar interface. Once the “Create Activity” window appears, you may enter the desired day and time, activity type, category, and attendee name.
  • You may remove completed activities, display client birthdays, conceal weekends, and more from the Calendar’s Actions menu.
  • The Users menu allows you to select which Calendar to see. You may see the Calendar of a single database user, or you can use the Select All option to view the Calendars of all users, or you can use the Me option to view only your Calendar.
  • The Types option enables you to choose which Activity Types appear on your Calendar. It might be client meetings, appointments, personal time, or time spent away from the workplace.
  • Additionally, you may customize your Calendar’s options. For instance, you may choose between Day, Week, or Month as your Default Calendar View. Alternatively, you may choose your Default Calendar Time Slots to be 15, 30, or 60 minutes.


Notes are critical components of Redtail CRM and are easily accessed from the Today page.

The Notes function allows you to keep track of your client’s history. Using Notes, you can keep track of everything that happens in your business. They’ll serve as a record of who you spoke with, why you spoke with them, and when the discussion began.

This is your Activities area, where you can see what’s coming up or what’s coming up in the future.

Consider the following scenario: a client phones in to inform you that they have a new phone number. Once the chat is over, you can easily add a note to the client’s account informing them that their phone number has changed. This can help prevent the loss of vital information and improve your client’s view of your office.


A seminar is an excellent tool for Redtail users. This tool enables you to easily add new seminars or client events.

After adding the seminar event to the CRM, you can organize and manage it properly to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

Assume you’re in charge of an annual event. You may use the tool to create seminar locations, manage attendance, provide any relevant descriptions, and generate seminar reports.

In some ways, the Seminars feature is ideal for developing client relationships, whether it’s a wine tasting event or a workshop.


The term “opportunities” refers to anything in your sales funnel. Redtail may act as a sales pipeline tracker, guiding prospective or present clients through your sales process. Redtail’s Opportunity Tracker will assist you in staying on track and keeping track of any open possibilities.

Mobile App

If you are unable to get into the CRM through your PC, you can utilize the cloud-based mobile app.

The Today page is the first page you view when you open the app. The Today page provides a snapshot of your day’s activities. By swiping left, you may effortlessly erase or finish your day’s activities. Alternatively, you may touch on an action to get further details.

Additionally, using the Today page, you may create a new activity from scratch.

Beyond the Today page, you may access the main menu by tapping the right-hand symbol in the upper corner.

You can access the Calendar, Contacts, and Opportunities sections from the main menu. Regrettably, there is no method to access additional items such as Reports or Workflow.

Therefore, if you want access to your Reports or Workflow, you will require a laptop.

Retriever Cloud

Retriever Cloud synchronizes data in both directions between Redtail CRM and Office 365, Microsoft Exchange Online, and Google.

This enables users of Redtail to sync contacts and activities bidirectionally between platforms.

Ease of Use

Redtail CRM provides a straightforward interface that clearly displays all of the application’s key capabilities. Everything is properly organized on the dashboard, putting all pertinent data at your fingertips.

There is a slight learning curve, but there are several good tools that lead you through the process step by step. From free webinars to full online help documentation/videos, you can quickly and thoroughly learn how to utilize CRM.

Additionally, the corporation hosts its own training sessions dubbed Redtail University around the country.

And once you’ve mastered it, your sales process will become far easier to handle.

Today’s page contains all of the information you need for the day, such as appointments, meetings, projects, and even client birthdays.

The primary menu is located on the left-hand side of the screen and allows rapid access to Workflows, Reports, Seminars, and Opportunities.

Rather than having to navigate through many panels to get specific information, the Redtail CRM makes everything available with a single click.


What elevates a powerful tool to new heights is its capacity to combine with other equally powerful ones. That is precisely what Redtail CRM accomplishes. It connects seamlessly with a wide variety of popular products, from document storage to risk analysis.

The following is a summary of some of the kinds of tools with which it integrates:

  • Document Storage: Citrix ShareFile, Docupace, NetDocuments, Evernote
  • Financial Planning tools: Advicent: Naviplan, eMoney, LifeSite
  • Form-filling software: Anvil, LaserApp Anywhere, Quik!
  • Investment Research: Advisory World, Morningstar Advisor Workstation, Morningstar Office
  • Marketing Tools: AdvisorStream, Advisor Websites, CreativeOne, e-Relationship, FMG Suite, Leadjig, Lead Pilot
  • Portfolio Management and Custodians: Fidelity, Fidelity Wealthscape – NFS, Schwab Portfolio Center, Albridge Solutions, Blueleaf, Envestnet, Securities America
  • Risk Analysis: Riskalyze, Morningstar Office, Finametrica, CircleBlack


The Redtail CRM will cost you $99 a month for a database with up to 15 members and all of its features.

If you require more than 15 people, you must purchase another CRM membership.

For $99 per month, you’ll have access to all of the top features, including the following:

  • Unlimited leads, contacts, reminders, and tasks
  • Complimentary database conversions
  • Free Mobile app
  • Custom exporting
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Document management
  • Workflow processes
  • Detailed reports
  • Seminar management
  • Free support
  • And more

If you wish to test the program before making a purchase, you may also do so for free for 30 days.


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